Naturopathic medicine
Rooted in naturopathic philosophy, our goal is to train students to become physicians who are experts in individualized patient-centered care that focuses on disease prevention and optimization of health throughout the lifespan.

About the N.D. in Naturopathic Medicine

Since 2001, the College of Naturopathic Medicine has been graduating physicians who are revolutionizing healthcare in the Northeast and across the country.

Our curriculum combines traditional biomedical sciences with the latest developments in genomics and molecular biology to deepen your understanding of health, disease, and therapeutics. A semester format of 18-week sessions allows you to immerse yourself in the material and take the time to fully integrate concepts.

You will benefit from course content that is integrated across the curriculum and reinforced with case studies for in-depth understanding of the application to clinical practice. Throughout your four years of study, you will learn and practice natural therapeutics, applying them to patient care under the guidance and supervision of experienced naturopathic physicians.

Principles and Practice

Steeped in traditional healing practices, naturopathic medicine emphasizes holistic, preventive care. By focusing on prevention, optimal health and wellness, and diet and lifestyle as first-line interventions, naturopathic physicians educate and empower patients to take responsibility for their health.

As a naturopathic physician and graduate of UBCNM, you will not only help people optimize their health, you will change the way they think about health – for themselves, their families, and the planet.

Accreditation and Associations

The College of Naturopathic Medicine is accredited by the Council on Naturopathic Medical Education (CNME), the programmatic accrediting agency for naturopathic colleges and programs in the United States and Canada. Students and graduates of naturopathic colleges and programs accredited by or programs with candidate status with the CNME are eligible to apply for the Naturopathic Physician Licensing Examinations as administered by the North American Board of Naturopathic Examiners.

In addition, the College of Naturopathic Medicine is accredited by the Connecticut Office of Higher Education to offer the degree of Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine.


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Goals and Programmatic Objectives

The College of Naturopathic Medicine:

  • Facilitates the transformation of students to competent, compassionate, culturally sensitive naturopathic physicians who excel in a variety of healthcare settings.
  • Cultivates an exceptional academic environment that supports research and scholarly activities to enhance student learning and advance the profession.
  • Fosters collaborative relationships within the university to provide multidisciplinary opportunities in education, research and patient care for students and faculty.
  • Supports alumni with resources and opportunities for professional development.
  • Provides excellent naturopathic health and wellness services to the diverse population of Greater Bridgeport and the Northeast Region.
  • Advocates for the profession through education, outreach, and legislative activities that increase the global awareness of the college and naturopathic medicine.

Tegan Moore, ND

"Naturopathic doctors are trained to search out and address imbalances in the body that cause symptom patterns—a method of doctoring that often requires unique treatment strategies catered to the needs of the patient. This approach to treatment often stands in contrast to allopathic protocol-based treatment plans and can act to augment care plans and improve health outcomes."

Tegan Moore, N.D.
Graduate, University of Bridgeport School of Naturopathic Medicine

Source: AANMC