About the School of Arts and Sciences

Programs in the School of Arts and Sciences provide students with quality education grounded in fundamental knowledge and interdisciplinary skills that provides means of recognizing opportunities and facing challenges of the 21st century.

The typical UB undergraduate is preparing to accomplish great things. Whether they are interested in becoming a psychologist or musician, a doctor or novelist, a lawyer or a counselor-or using one of the school’s major programs to pursue their own vision of success-students are prepared in the school’s liberal arts majors to succeed professionally. Whether they seek employment or continue to graduate study, graduates from UB’s School of Arts and Sciences possess skills and values that allow them to contribute meaningfully to society.

School programs feature interdisciplinary coursework that equips students for the global reality of today’s work world. In addition to its undergraduate programs, the School offers the M.S. in Counseling. Alumni of the school have attended prestigious graduate schools such as Cornell, Columbia, and Johns Hopkins. Yet others attend first-choice medical schools, serve as teachers in the region, or work in first-class design firms.

The School of Arts and Sciences is primarily responsible for teaching the University’s undergraduate Core Curriculum. This curriculum, which is common to all undergraduate students, helps to prepare you to be a leader in your professional life. It is designed to broaden your outlook and to deepen your reflection.

The future is yours to make. Consider taking your first steps toward that in one of our programs.

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