College of Science and Society

The College of Science and Society at University of Bridgeport is home to academic degree programs in humanities, fine arts, mathematics, natural science, social science, and applied science.


General Studies AA, AS

Dean's Message

Kitty Engelmann, dean of the undergraduate college of science and society

Welcome to the College of Science and Society.

Whether you seek expertise in international human security issues, diplomacy, world religions, theatre arts, creative writing, musical performance and education, pre-medical training, pre-pharmacy preparation, medical laboratory research, physiology background for exercise and fitness, health education, gerontology, social services, you are able to combine specific skills and internship background in our programs to match your educational and career goals.

In the College of Science and Society, we value student and faculty collaborative research. We emphasize activity both in and out of the classroom, that provides powerful, lasting knowledge, and skill. We also value putting a personal touch in our advising and mentoring of students so that we can assist you in thriving and growing intellectually while you pursue your goals for college, graduate training, or professional development. I hope that you will find success in your academic and career goals. I encourage you to reach out to me or to program faculty personally to help answer any questions that you may have about our programs and opportunities.


Kathleen Engelmann
Dean, College of Science and Society