Human Services and Psychology Degree

A double major in psychology and human services student

Better your community with a BS in Psychology and Human Services degree

If you’re a highly compassionate person who dreams of inspiring social change, a double major in Psychology and Human Services may be the perfect degree track for you. With a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Psychology and Human Services, you can make a positive difference at the grassroots level — helping underrepresented communities through outreach programs, services, and more.

Develop interdisciplinary knowledge and skills

Earning a double major in Psychology and Human Services is a unique, interdisciplinary experience. The Psychology and Human Services degree programs share similar goals with slightly different emphases.

Through your Psychology coursework, you will study the inner workings of the human mind, learning how to describe, explain, predict, and influence behavioral and mental processes. Through your double major, you will apply this knowledge to the Human Services field, helping you understand the important role that psychological and social development plays in shaping the lives of marginalized individuals and their communities.

Your Human Services major will also include courses in Counseling, wherein you’ll learn how to build strong, trusting, and culturally sensitive relationships with diverse populations.

Gain hands-on experience while earning your degree

When you earn your Psychology and Human Services degree at UB, you can begin making a difference in your community before you even graduate. The Human Services major includes supervised practicum and internship experiences. As you practice applying your abilities to the field, you will gain professional experience, learn real-world applications of your education, and foster connections in the community.

Prepare for fulfilling professional opportunities

A BS in Psychology and Human Services opens many doors to fulfilling career opportunities. Graduates from our program apply their professional learning to many fields, including:

  • Academia (leadership at schools, colleges and universities)
  • Clinical settings
  • Community organizations
  • Education
  • Group homes
  • In-home care
  • Social services

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