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Earn a music degree that’s focused on your future

When you earn your Bachelor of Music degree at University of Bridgeport, you’ll gain the technical and artistic skills you need to emerge as a leader in this evolving field. You’ll develop a deep understanding of the basic concepts related to music theory and history, as well as the opportunity to sharpen your skills with your primary instrument. At UB, you can choose from three concentrations, including music performance, music education, and music business. This will narrow the focus of your studies and allow you to tailor your degree to fit your interests and career goals.

Turn your passion into a rewarding career

At UB, we will help you build the foundation for a successful career by combining your love for music with practical applications that are useful in the real world. While pursuing your Music BM, you’ll practice alongside expert faculty to perfect your technique and develop important interpersonal skills related to performing. You’ll also be exposed to the directing, conducting, and business aspects of the profession in order to shape you into a well-rounded professional musician.

Put on the performance of a lifetime

As part of our B of Music degree program, you will gain extensive experience performing in front of a crowd. Over the course of the program, you will engage in private lessons to practice a repertoire of complex music. This experience will culminate with a variety of performance opportunities, either in ensembles or in solo recitals, which is required if you pursue a concentration in Music Performance.

Join a supportive community of musicians

Pursuing a music career is more than just learning an instrument — it means developing important connections with other musicians and learning to collaborate on a variety of musical compositions and performances. UB’s Bachelor of Music program is unique in that our students are exposed to a diverse range of musical styles and performers, from the traditional to the modern, and from the regional to the global. You will have the opportunity to perform in at least one of our distinct ensemble groups every semester, so you’ll experience working with different musicians and performance styles, as well as gain an understanding of the importance of collaboration for success in the music industry.

A music performance student

Music Performance track

A concentration in Music Performance allows you to refine your craft as a solo and ensemble performer. You’ll choose your primary instrument and work with a private teacher to hone your skills and prepare for a rewarding performance career. An audition is required for this concentration.

Music Performance Track

A music education student

Music Education track

At UB, we are dedicated to shaping you into an effective educator. The concentration in Music Education is designed to go hand-in-hand with our master’s degree program, which leads to an initial teaching certificate.

Music Education Track

A music business student

Music Business track

In our Music Business concentration, you’ll learn the ins and outs of the music business and gain the skills to become an entrepreneurial figure in the profession. The diversity of the industry means your coursework will differ based on your interests and career goals, so you’ll get a degree tailored to you!

Music Business Track

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