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When you earn a bachelor of science (BS) in Psychology, you gain an in-depth understanding of the processes that inform human thought and behavior. While this degree traditionally takes four years to complete, UB has forged a new, faster path to your degree. At Bridgeport, you can complete your BS in Psychology in as few as three years! Our accelerated Psychology degree program puts you on the fast track to earning a top-quality education and achieving your career goals. Pursuing an accelerated psychology degree offers you an array of employment opportunities, competitive pay, career growth opportunities, and flexible work schedule options.

Gain the professional knowledge and skills you need

As you earn your accelerated Psychology degree, you will gain a detailed understanding of all aspects of human psychology — gathering insights into the various influences and processes that affect human thought and behavior. You will engage with the core psychological theories, research, and findings that inform the field today.

The skills you develop throughout the accelerated Psychology degree program will prepare you for many exciting career opportunities. Through your coursework, you will foster your verbal, quantitative, analytical, and technological skills — all of which are highly sought after in both professional fields and post-graduate programs. You will also fine tune your soft skills, such as critical thinking, problem solving, and interpersonal communication.

Dual degree track

Students earning their accelerated Psychology degree have the opportunity to pursue a dual degree in Counseling. If you're hoping to jumpstart a career providing mental healthcare to those who need it, this is the perfect degree track for you. When you earn your master of science (MS) in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, you develop the expertise needed to build positive relationships with your clients — providing them with compassionate and personalized care. As an accelerated dual degree student, you can earn both your BS in Psychology and MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling in only five years' time.

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