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Psychology is the science of behaviors, mental and emotional processes, development, and social interactions. Pursuing a bachelor’s degree in psychology offers you an array of employment opportunities, competitive pay, career growth opportunities and flexible work schedule options. Start your rewarding and fulfilling future today!

We offer a Bachelor of Science in Psychology in three unique formats:

  1. Traditional, on-campus
  2. Accelerated, online
  3. Accelerated Degree Completion, on-campus

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As you pursue your psychology degree, you will learn about the theories, researchers, and research findings related to how humans think and behave. This knowledge promotes and solidifies how we, as a field, describe, explain, predict, and influence human behavior and mental processes. The major provides you with a detailed awareness of the field of psychology, including its historical background, paradigms, methods, research findings, and applications. The major addresses the general areas of developmental, personality, social, cognitive, and abnormal psychology. It fosters the development of verbal, quantitative, analytical, and technological skills that are useful for work in psychology and related fields.

Degree Requirements Summary

Psychology Program Requirements (24 credits)
Includes courses in Intro, Personality, Cognition, Abnormal, Social, Lifespan Development, Research Methods, and Statistics in Psychology.

Program Electives (15 credits)
Includes courses in Psychology such as Maturity and Aging, Health Psychology, Biological Psychology, and Lifespan Development.

General Electives (39 credits)
Select courses that expand your field of study and provide depth in a particular discipline. The General Electives allow for transferring a multi-disciplinary number of credits from other schools, while providing the opportunity to customize your learning experience.

University Core Curriculum (43 credits)
Includes courses in Communications, English, Fine Arts, Humanities, Liberal Arts, Math, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences.

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