About the Online B.S. in Professional Studies with the Human Resource Administration Concentration

Designed specifically for adult learners, our flexible career-oriented online degree program prepares you for the workforce by focusing on the skills employers demand including critical thinking, problem-solving, leadership, communications and management.

The Human Resource Administration concentration of the Bachelor of Science in Professional Studies distance learning degree will help the student cultivate a work environment that steers the organization toward its objective. The areas of employee relations, recruitment, staffing, benefits, outsourcing, and safety will be explored to improve the work experience for all employees.


The Human Resource Administration track will prepare graduates to:

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of recruiting methods and the validity of various selection procedures.
  • Design and execute a training project using the appropriate theories and facilitation skills.
  • Design competitive pay structures and performance-based incentive systems.
  • Explain employee and employer rights and obligations in a collective bargaining situation.
  • Design human resource policies and practice that comply with labor and employment legislation and regulations.

Degree Requirements Summary (120 credits)

Human Resource Administration Program Requirements (21 credits)

Includes courses in Organizational Behavior, Introduction to Human Resource Management, Compensation & Benefits, Conflict & Negotiation, Training Methods, Labor Law and Organizational Psychology.

Professional Studies Program Requirements (24 credits)

Includes courses in Fundamentals of Management and Leadership, Social Impact of Technology, Business Math, Analytical & Persuasive Writing, Critical Thinking & Writing, Business & Professional Communications, Public Communications and Budgeting & Finance for Organizations.

University Core Curriculum (42 credits)

Includes courses in English, Fine Arts, Humanities, Liberal Arts, Math, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences.

General Electives (33 credits)

Select courses that expand your field of study and provide depth in a particular discipline. The General Electives allow for transferring a multi-disciplinary number of credits from other schools, while providing opportunity to customize your learning experience.