learning outcomes

Learning Outcomes

The B.A./B.S. program in Political Science is designed to support the University’s mission and advance the following objectives:

  1. To introduce students to the political system, processes and policies of the United States and other countries
  2. To provide a conceptual and theoretical foundation in four principal areas of Political Science: international relations, comparative politics, American government and political theory
  3. To provide students with the cross-cultural awareness needed to succeed in diverse and multicultural national and international contexts.
  4. To explore the changing dynamics of a global system characterized by globalization, the rise of emerging countries in the non-Western world, the growing prominence of non-traditional political actors, and the unique challenges posed by these developments
  5. To introduce students to a body of knowledge and a set of practical skills that will help them attain gainful employment in federal, state, and local governments, law enforcement, nonprofit organizations, journalism, electoral politics, and academic professions
  6. To prepare students for securing admission to and succeeding in graduate programs in Political Science and other related disciplines

Career Opportunities

A degree in Political Science is expected to significantly boost both students’ ability to pursue postgraduate educational opportunities and improve their future career prospects. Graduates with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science earn a median annual income of $64,000, outpacing the median earnings of $61,000 for all graduates with a bachelor’s degree as well as their counterparts with a general Social Sciences degree, who have marked an average of $53,000.

Furthermore, the study revealed that 48.7% of college graduates with a Political Science degree go on to obtain a graduate degree, where the same is true of 41.2% with a general Social Science degree. For those students who complete a graduate degree, the median income for Political Science majors reaches $96,000, outpacing the average of $87,000 median income for majors in other social sciences who have obtained graduate degrees.