student in third world country


All U.S. students and students from other English-speaking countries who are enrolled in the Global Development and Peace Program are required to complete a two-month internship overseas in a country in which the foreign language that have studied is spoken. Other international students have the option of doing their internship either in the United States or overseas. Students must have completed at least 18 credits in the program to commence their internships.

The internship is designed to provide students with an immersion in the language and culture that they are studying. It should also allow them to experience the work of Intergovernmental, non-governmental or governmental organization in that setting.



Career Opportunities


Graduates of the Global Development and Peace program are prepared
for careers in fields such as:

  • Conflict Analysis and Mediation
  • International Diplomacy
  • International Development
  • INGO Management
  • Foreign Investment in Developing Countries
  • Risk Analysis
  • International Organizations
  • Non-Governmental Organizations

Some places where graduates of the Global Development and Peace Program have been employed upon completion of their study are:

  • US Passport Agency
  • Human rights division of the Council of Europe
  • Risk Analyst with Price Waterhouse Coopers
  • Television reporter in Shanghai with China English Language News Service
  • Ministry of Trade in Turkey
  • Fellowship to pursue Ph.D. in Conflict Resolution at Kennesaw Sate University.
  • Fellowship to pursue his doctorate in Political Science at Washington State University.
  • Professor in Conflict Resolution at the University of Medellin in Colombia