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About the M.A. in Global Development and Peace

The Master of Arts in Global Development and Peace prepares professionals for careers in international diplomacy, global development, conflict analysis and mediation, foreign investment, and more.

Students can focus on one of four areas of study:

  1. Conflict Resolution and negotiation for students interested in conflict management and transformation.
  2. International Political Economy and Development for students interested in international development.
  3. Global Management for students with an interest in international business.
  4. Global Communications for students interested in a career as a media representative or media analyst or a career in public diplomacy.

Students will be expected to have or to develop a basic working knowledge of one world language.

Students will spend a minimum of two months in an overseas internship. The program can be completed in two years including a summer semester for completion of the internship. For more info, please see the Master’s Program fact sheet (PDF) and the Program brochure.

*The University of Bridgeport holds NGO status with the United Nations Department of Public Information and is also part of the United Nations Academic Impact Initiative.

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Learning Outcomes

The Master of Arts in Global Development & Peace has the following learning outcomes:
  • Students will be able to explain and compare the major extant models for socioeconomic development
  • Students will demonstrate that they have acquired the quantitative and qualitative research skills needed to undertake effective planning, analysis and implementation of projects related to socioeconomic development or conflict resolution.
  • Students will demonstrate an understanding of the institutional prerequisites for good governance in developing countries
  • Students will demonstrate an appreciation of the impact that religion and culture can have on socioeconomic development
  • Students will demonstrate the basic skills needed for effective communication and negotiation.
  • Students will demonstrate skills needed in problem solving and in project management through an overseas internship
  • Students will demonstrate a working knowledge of a second language in addition to English.

*Note for all academic programs in the College of Public and International Affairs, a portfolio is collected to track progress in programmatic outcomes