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Master's in Nutrition, MS Degree Program

UB’s Master of Science in Nutrition degree program distinguishes itself from other master’s programs in its focus on functional medicine and its growing value in the prevention and management of disease. Embedded in the curriculum is the concept of bio-individuality which enables clinicians to be able to provide customized diet and nutrient recommendations that will be effective. This is provided with an evidence-based scientific approach.

Benefits to the M.S. in Nutrition at the University of Bridgeport

  • UB has the most established Master’s in Nutrition program in the USA (since 1977).
  • We teach clinical nutrition from a functional medicine paradigm providing clinically effective and evidence-based strategies for nutrition practice.
  • We embed the concept of bio-individuality and personalized care to offer each client a unique and efficacious plan for their health optimization.
  • Faculty members include professors who are seasoned academics and researchers as well as leading clinicians in the field.
  • Designers and administrators of the program are practicing clinicians in functional medicine/nutrition with decades of experience.
  • UB has a robust and unique College of Health Sciences currently featuring 8 schools/institutes and 14 programs across a wide-span of health care disciplines, one of which is the Nutrition Institute. We also offer dual degree program opportunities for students in other UB graduate health sciences programs. It is the only such program on the east coast to offer such opportunities.
  • We feature a unique capstone course, Virtual Clinic, which is the first online clinic experience offered to graduate students in the field. This provides a real case study and clinical management experience and is taught by several different experienced clinicians over a semester.
  • The Virtual Clinic is eligible for 255 hours of supervised experience credit towards the Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS) credential awarded by the Board for Certification of Nutrition Specialists. UB leads the way in providing this experience to students.
  • Our program offers maximum flexibility to complete the program entirely online. The program is perfectly suited for working professionals or those seeking a career change.

The Human Nutrition Program provides a biochemical and physiological study of nutrition and its role in health and disease. Students gain skills in counseling in alternative and complementary medicine using nutritional strategies. The program further explores the role of nutrition as a preventive, adjunctive, alternative strategy for the prevention and amelioration of specific health conditions.

The program also provides its graduates with a foundation for entering doctoral-level programs, including the Doctor of Health Sciences (D.H.Sc.).

Our student body is diverse and includes leading physicians from various fields and specialties, various allied health care professionals, as well as those seeking to make a career change into nutritionally-based healthcare. We have over two dozen faculty teaching our program that is highly experienced at teaching to this diverse group of students and provides a fertile ground for learning and scholarly interchange. Our faculty members hold Ph.D.'s in biochemistry, advanced degrees in nutrition, and physicians from many fields of medicine. We have created a faculty with a balance of academic and clinical experience to best prepare students for a career in clinical nutrition.

The program is full-time, constitutes six terms with two courses being offered each term (fall, spring, summer). The 15 required courses of the core curriculum can be completed in 28 months with a comprehensive exam given 3-4 months after all coursework is satisfactorily completed, if the student takes 2 courses per term/3 terms per year.

The program supports the acquisition, utilization, and application of nutrition principles in clinical situations.

In addition, the program provides an opportunity for medical, chiropractic, and other healthcare providers to expand their practice through knowledge gained from graduate studies in nutrition.

Comprehensive Final Exam

Following the completion of the core curriculum, all students are required to complete a one-day Comprehensive Examination. The exam is held three times a year, once in the spring, once in the summer, and once in the fall and is administered online. Licensure or certification is available through several individual states or national nutritional organizations. For those considering a diplomate versus an MS degree, it is important to note that certifications and diplomats represent professional recognition. It does not authorize or license an individual to practice, which is a state regulatory function.

The program is a graduate-level program and is NOT designed to lead to the registered dietician (R.D.) designation.

The program provides its graduates with a foundation for entering Ph.D. and DHSc programs in health science.


The mission of the human nutrition program is to prepare graduates to positively influence and support specific health challenges and promote overall well-being by integrating biochemical and physiological science knowledge with evidence-based strategies that link to integrative and preventative nutrition-based interventions.



The Human Nutrition Master’s program is licensed and accredited by the Connecticut Board of Governors Office of Higher Education, while the University of Bridgeport is institutionally accredited through the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE).

The M.S. in Nutrition program is the first to be accredited by the Accreditation Council on Nutrition Professional Education (ACNPE), a programmatic accrediting agency for clinical programs in advanced nutrition. 

Accreditation by ACEND (for dietetics) is not required since the Master of Science program is not a dietetics training program and does not include a coordinated dietetics internship required for eligibility to take the registration examination for the R.D. credential.

Congratulations, Class of 2020!

The University of Bridgeport hosted a Virtual Commencement Ceremony on Saturday, December 19, 2020. Commencement is a symbol of our students' achievement and the support they received from their loves ones on this important journey. Graduates put on their caps and gowns to celebrate with us virtually.


Class of 2020
Nutrition Institute December Virtual Commencement CeremonyNutrition Institute December Virtual Commencement CeremonyNutrition Institute December Virtual Commencement Ceremony