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University of Bridgeport's Master's Degree in Nutrition testimonials

Alexandra Trezza

Deciding to go back to school while working full-time as an English teacher was scary, but every single professor I've had in the Nutrition program has been incredible and skillful in presenting the material in a way that's really fascinating. My nervousness about going back to school turned into excitement and a passion for learning more and knowing more. I can't believe how much I've grown since my first weeks of classes. I had the opportunity to have a paper I worked on published in a peer-reviewed journal. UB allowed me to experience the research side of nutrition, and I'm grateful for that experience.
photo of Heidi

Heidi Bennett

When looking into online programs, I was worried I would have a hard time shifting from my field of graphic design to a science-focused program like nutrition. UB answered all of my questions and addressed any of my concerns about changing fields. UB's Nutrition program stood out to me because it had such a heavy emphasis on biochemistry and bio-individuality. Studying at UB has been a truly wonderful experience and will set us apart as we enter the field.
photo of Elaine

Elanie Welch

The Human Nutrition program at University of Bridgeport is one of the most clinically-sound programs available. I had excellent classmates and professors during my time at UB, and I have maintained many of the relationships I made while enrolled in the Nutrition program. Since graduating with my master's degree in Human Nutrition, I've started a podcast. The podcast allows me to reach thousands of people with the nutritional wisdom I learned at UB. We have listeners in 55 different countries! I've had the opportunity to interview experts in clinical nutrition, and my business partner and I are working on producing a documentary next!
photo of Jessica

Jessica H.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the nutrition program at UB. All the professors were extremely knowledgeable and had clinical nutrition backgrounds, which enriched the learning experience. The education I've gained through the master's in Nutrition program at UB has provided me with a solid foundation as I embark on my career as a nutritionist.
photo of Julia

Julia Schaller

I chose the master’s in Nutrition program at University of Bridgeport for its reputation and flexibility, and it has exceeded my expectations. UB has a dynamic faculty that are professional and passionate and set students up for success. The professors are knowledgeable, motivating, and accessible. It is remarkable how much I have learned in a short time. While I was hesitant to start an online master’s program while raising three young children, I am so glad that I did, as I now see my path toward a career in Nutrition. UB was the right choice for me.
photo of Elba

Elba Nicky Carrillo

My experience with the Master of Science in Human Nutrition program was well worth my investment! The program provided me with an excellent foundation for a career transition in functional nutrition without having a science background in my undergrad. The professors in the program exceeded my expectations in terms of support and professionalism. I loved learning from the professors' experiences. What stood out most in choosing this program was the emphasis placed on biochemistry and the clinical aspect of nutrition. This program challenged me to think critically and taught me how to prepare personalized nutrition strategies based on the biochemistry of an individual. I recommend this program to anyone with an interest in functional nutrition!
photo of Nicholas

Dr. Nicholas Nolen

I am extremely impressed with University of Bridgeport's Nutrition program. The curriculum itself is streamlined and flows very efficiently. The faculty provide ample means of communication and are very responsive and engaging. Every class assignment or activity sets the student up to have a very thorough grasp of all the information. Having fulfilled graduate programs in the past, this is by far the most productive experience I have ever had. One could not be more set up for success.

Chamila Wickramasignhe

I am really enjoying the nutrition program at UB, and though I was hesitant to take the first step, I am so happy that I made this choice!
photo of Judy

Judy Apicella

My experience at UB in the Nutrition program was amazing and exceeded all my expectations. Before starting the master's in Human Nutrition program, I worked as an herbalist and small business owner. During the program, I received a grant to investigate and research one of my herbal formulas. I received a second grant to work with the faculty at the Bauer Hall Innovation Center to expand my small business. UB helped me use these two grants to advance my business, including introducing online sales. I want to thank the professors at UB, I learned so much from them, and they gave me invaluable opportunities to grow.
photo of Alexandra

Alexandra St. John

My experience at UB in the Master’s in Nutrition program has been wonderful thus far. The online program design has allowed for flexibility in my schoolwork while juggling a full-time career and personal life. The introduction videos and weekly discussion boards allow us to connect from different parts of the country and the world. All my instructors have been amazing and are passionate about what they do. I am thankful to learn from their clinical experience in the field. We also have the opportunity to learn from our fellow peers who are on various career paths in the healthcare field and some who have shifted from other careers. In this program, instructors, advisors, and fellow peers are part of a community that provides us with the skills, resources, and networking needed to succeed in our future careers as clinical nutritionists. I am thankful to be a part of the University of Bridgeport community and this program.
photo of Angela

Angela Kuhn

The MS Nutrition program at UB has given me the opportunity to transition my career from a business background to health sciences. Each professor has a unique background in functional nutrition, bringing invaluable, real-world experience to each lesson. I have learned beyond what I expected from the program and am more confident and excited than ever for a career in nutrition!
photo of Ariel

Ariel Smith

The nutrition program at UB has been nothing short of a life-changing and eye-opening experience that has given me the tools, knowledge, and confidence to succeed in our growing field. Under the careful guidance of my compassionate, highly skilled professors, and the collaboration with my talented classmates, I think that the UB Human Nutrition program has paved the way for a very bright and successful future!
photo of Jaclyn

Jaclyn Rosen

I'm currently enrolled at the University of Bridgeport to obtain my master's degree in Human Nutrition. My goal is to change careers from a middle school science teacher to a certified nutrition specialist. I was nervous to go back to school after obtaining my first master's degree in education 18 years ago, but this program has been very easy to manage. The classes are asynchronous, so I can plan my weekly schedule based on what works for me. I'm so happy that I decided to go back to school. I know I'm in good hands here, and I feel confident I'll be a successful and well-prepared CNS in no time
photo of Jessica

Jessica Achee

My experience in the Master’s Nutrition program at the University of Bridgeport has been invaluable. The program design is thoughtful and meaningful, and the connection between each course’s content is evident. This program fosters an in-depth biological understanding of nutrition. It also utilizes the most current research and material, allowing students in this program to think critically about relevant topics. The nutrition professors are experienced, reflective, and helpful, working to ensure students are prepared with a deep understanding of all material. The nutrition program does an excellent job of equipping students for future careers with real-life applications of the material that extends far beyond the classroom.
photo of Sarah

Sarah Sandoval

When considering a nutritional degree, University of Bridgeport's Nutrition program stood out from other graduate programs. The curriculum places a strong emphasis on learning the biochemical and pathophysiological processes influenced by nutrition. I am ecstatic about the breadth of knowledge I have developed thus far. The professors are unparalleled, as are my classmates, who fuel my passion for continued learning and exploration. I am confident about my decision to attend UB's Nutrition program, as it is helping me to develop into an exceptional functional nutritionist.

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