Refunds and Withdrawal Policy

The University is making it quicker and easier for students to receive their refunds. A credit balance in your student account is created when you have financial aid remaining after all eligible charges to your student account are paid in full. Accounts are considered paid in full once all grants, scholarships, and loans have been disbursed. Once all charges have been paid, any excess Title IV funds will be remitted to you.

How do i get my refund?

To receive your credit balance, students should sign up for direct deposit on the UB Portal. Any credit generated from a Parent Plus loan will be returned to the parent unless the parent authorized the University to make a refund to the student. If a direct deposit is not completed, a refund check will be mailed to the student.

Withdrawal policy schedule

All tuition and fee charges are cancelled if courses are dropped prior to the first day of classes. Tuition and fees are charged according to the following schedule once classes begin:

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Tuition and fees subject to change