Payment Policy

Students are required to have one of the below arrangements in place

Acceptable payment arrangements are as follows:

  • Payment in full
  • Approved financial aid covering all charges
  • Participation in an approved third-party payment arrangement
  • Enrollment in an approved 5 month payment plan (Not applicable for NEW incoming fall 2023 international students).
  • (International wire transfers).
  • Approved for a Parent Plus Loan or Grad Plus loan;
  • Approved for a Private Alternative Loan;

Important note: Students applying late for financial aid or turning in any documents late, will be required to make other acceptable payment arrangements until their aid applications are evaluated and paperwork is processed. This includes but is not limited to verification, SACM Guarantees, and Letters of Credit (3 rd Party Payment Arrangement).

Failure to make payment or have a payment arrangement in place by the due date will result in being out of compliance with the Financial Responsibility Agreement. Please review the agreement.

For spring 2024, all arrangements must be in place by December 1. If registration is canceled, students will be required to pay their balance IN FULL in order to re-register no later than December 22, 2023.

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