Chiropractic DC Program Testimonials

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University of Bridgeport‘s Chiropractic DC Program testimonials

Dr. Adebola Paul

At UB, I have developed and matured in many areas, not only as a student and man, but also as a practitioner. I am grateful for all the memories and experiences I have gathered over the years and I look forward to applying everything I have learned in my career.
headshot of Dr. Czernicki

Dr. Christopher Czernicki

UB helped me immensely to prepare me for practicing medicine in my community. I felt very prepared despite Covid, and the small class setting helped me connect more with not only my peers but the staff as well!
headshot of Dr. Whiteley

Dr. Bradford Whiteley

I’m forever grateful to UB not only for the great education I received there but also the bonds I was able to have with my classmates and professors that will last a lifetime.
headshot of Dr. Kyriakakis

Dr. Diamantis Kyriakakis

UB chiropractic program was a well-structured program with excellent professors. The program greatly prepared me for the future as a chiropractor.
headshot of Dr. Kassab

Dr. Ahnise Kassab

University of Bridgeport fully prepared me to treat my patients in the field. I still use the techniques I learned in school to give my patients a better quality of life. The four-year road was filled with a lot of happy memories, and I learned more than I could have ever imagined. I highly recommend the UB School of Chiropractic!
headshot of Dr. D‘ Angelo

Dr. Jonathan D’ Angelo

UB Chiro program provided an evidence-based approach to evaluate and treat musculoskeletal-based pathologies. I was able to develop my clinical reasoning and understand what it means to provide medical care for my athletes — I currently work for the Brooklyn Nets.
headshot of Dr. Shahi

Dr. Yojana Shahi

UB prepared me to be a competent Chiropractic physician, a combined result of their top-notch faculty members, state-of-the-art facilities, and practical clinical experiences. The knowledge I’ve gained, along with support, encouragement, and advice from the professors, has helped me grow academically and professionally. Truly, UB was an opportunity of a lifetime.

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