Clinical Chiropractic Training

Chiropractic Clinic

University of Bridgeport’s Chiropractic Clinic offers a conservative, drugless, non-surgical approach to healthcare. The Chiropractic Clinic is guided by the following principles:

  • The body is an integrated unit
  • The body has intrinsic self-regulating and healing mechanisms
  • Structure and function are interrelated
  • The neuromusculoskeletal system can affect the functioning of other body systems and in turn, be affected by these systems

Chiropractic care includes spinal adjustments, soft tissue therapy, physiotherapeutic modalities, exercise, rehabilitation, nutrition, and lifestyle counseling. Senior chiropractic students actively provide care in UB’s on-campus out-patient clinic. Students have the opportunity to work in an integrated health care setting alongside UB’s Acupuncture, Dental Hygiene, and Naturopathic Medicine students. UBSC also has a state-of-the-art human performance Biomechanics lab where students can directly work with athletes from UB’s NCAA Division II sports teams.

Off‑campus training

Rotations and externships at various off-campus teaching clinics provide UBSC students with diverse clinical experiences. Each semester, select students participate in rotations at two regional Veterans Administration Hospitals where they assist in providing chiropractic care to veterans. Students also have the opportunity to assist UB clinical faculty with the treatment of patients at six community health centers across Connecticut.

UBSC students participate in unmatched clinical training opportunities, including rotations at the following prestigious locations:

Observational only rotations

Interns have the opportunity to participate in short term (2 days per week for 2 weeks) to longer term (2 days per week for 6 weeks) observational only rotations. Interns can observe how physicians specialized in orthopedics, radiology, neurology, and may include both MD and DC providers working in a clinical setting. These observational rotations include:

  • Orthopedic practices - Interns work with two of the largest multidisciplinary orthopedic groups in the State of Connecticut: the Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Center (OSG) and the Orthopaedic Specialty Group (OSM). Interns have the opportunity to observe how this type of integrated care is provided by working directly with a DC who is employed in these group orthopedic medical practices. Interns are exposed to a variety of clinical conditions that they may not typically see in a traditional chiropractic clinic.
  • MRI Clinical Radiology training - Interns participate in a 6‑week MRI neuroradiology rotation at Stony Brook Medical School and Hospital. Interns observe advanced MRI neuroradiology readings from specialized medical radiologists. Interns participate in this rotation with medical students, medical interns, and fellows specializing in advanced neuroradiology imaging. This rotation provides interns with training and discussion of a variety of complex patient health conditions in a major university teaching hospital.
  • Externships - Upon completion of all quantitative clinical requirements, an intern is eligible for an off campus observational rotation. This is done at the office/clinic of a private practitioner. The experience is strictly observational and the intern cannot participate in any type of patient care. The experience allows an intern to see how a practice operates on a day-to-day basis, from front desk procedures, scheduling, insurance, and patient care. The externship is 3‑4 days per week and can be as long as 6 weeks or less. During this experience an intern is required to return to the campus clinic for at least one day per week. During this time they have the opportunity to continue to see patients and continue to be assessed and evaluated in their clinical competency.

Community Health Center, Inc. clinical opportunities

Student training rotations (CHCI)

In August 2012, University of Bridgeport’s School of Chiropractic (UBSC) entered into an Academic Affiliation with CHCI. The Affiliation allows UBSC students to participate in clinical rotations at CHCI centers.

The 9 week clinical rotation offers the fourth year chiropractic student an opportunity to evaluate and treat patients suffering from chronic pain due to neuromusculoskeletal conditions/diseases within a community health center. The Community Health Center, Inc. (CHCI), a large, statewide Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) in Connecticut, permits credentialed UBSC senior students to participate in this rotation under the direct supervision of board certified chiropractic specialists that are UBSC faculty members. CHCI provides comprehensive, integrated primary care services including medical, dental, and behavioral health care to over 145,000 medically underserved patients in the state. Over 60% of CHCI patients are racial/ethnic minorities, over 90% are below 200% federal poverty level, 60% are on Medicaid or state insurance, and 22% are uninsured. Each CHCI patient has a designated primary care provider. CHCI is a level 3, Patient-Centered Medical Home and a world class community health center organization.

The chiropractic students gain valuable clinical experiences with both observation and direct hands-on evaluation and management of patients suffering with chronic pain and numerous co-morbidities. Each student will observe faculty members perform interview/history taking, physical examination procedures, differential diagnosis, report of findings, and treatment of patients. The faculty members will observe students performing these same clinical activities and provide direct supervision. This 9 week rotation will allow students to observe and work with clinical faculty in Danbury, New Britain, and Waterbury primary care facilities.

Sixth and seventh-semester UBSC students should express their interest in the rotation and request the materials necessary to seek CHCI credentialing from the Director of the UBSC clinical training.

Community based internships

Interns have the opportunity to be selected for a 9‑week rotation at a private practitioner’s office. The practicing DC is a member of the clinical faculty and the intern can be involved in all levels of patient care.

Optimus Health Care

The mission of Optimus “is to improve the overall health of our communities in Bridgeport, Stamford, and Stratford, particularly the medically underserved, by providing preventive, primary care and supplemental health care services along with health education in a culturally sensitive manner regardless of one’s ability to pay.

Optimus is a medical health care organization providing health services to patients in need. Patients are referred for chiropractic health services by medical primary care providers. Care is provided at the Optimus health care clinic site. Interns currently have two locations for rotations each two days per week for five hours per day. This is a 9‑week, clinical, hands-on rotation where interns provide care under the supervision of chiropractic faculty. Patients seen here have complex medical health conditions and many are co-managed by chiropractic and medical providers.

VA clinical opportunities

In June 2005, the University of Bridgeport School of Chiropractic (UBSC) entered into an Academic Affiliation with the VA Connecticut Healthcare System (VACHS). This affiliation allows select UBSC students to participate in clinical training at VACHS facilities. Such training is common in medical education and is typically called a clerkship.

Student participation in VA training is an emerging opportunity in chiropractic education, with UBSC the second chiropractic school in the U.S. to engage. Successful students are self-motivated and able to thrive in a self-directed environment.

The program demonstrates a strong commitment to excellence and professionalism in chiropractic education. Through this affiliation, the following two educational programs for chiropractic trainees are available:

Student training rotations VA

Select UBSC students can participate in clinical training at the VACHS facilities in West Haven and Newington, CT. Students provide direct clinical services under the supervision of VA staff DCs. Rotations are typically 35 hours per week for 10 weeks. Each graduating class is allotted 6 rotation slots. Admission is through a competitive application process open to UBSC students only.

Chiropractic residency training VA

UBSC is one of only four chiropractic schools in the nation to be partnered with a VA facility in a chiropractic postgraduate residency program. The residency focus is Integrated Clinical Practice, emphasizing the delivery of chiropractic care as part of an interdisciplinary health care team. Residents provide full scope diagnosis and management of musculoskeletal conditions under the mentorship of VA staff DCs. Extensive interprofessional training includes rotations through primary care, physical medicine, pain medicine, neurology, neurosurgery, health psychology, geriatrics, and other services.

The program is 40 hours per week for 52 weeks. One resident slot per year is available. Admission is through a competitive application process open to graduates of a CCE-accredited chiropractic school.

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