Student Entrepreneur Center

Founded in 2015 by Elena Cahill, JD, a faculty, attorney and entrepreneur. the Student Entrepreneur Center (SEC) has the ability to help every UB student with an idea for a business, take their idea and turn it into a feasible business ready for future success

The SEC’s mission is to produce successful student generated businesses by providing student entrepreneurs with an array of targeted resources and services.

Students can join the SEC as either a “business in training”, this phase can be defined as the time during which a student has an idea, but they are not ready to go to market.

Once the student has formalized their idea, they begin developing a business model canvas. Once completed we help them convert into the “business” phase. During the business phase students are preparing to go to market. The student will be supported economically by SEC with their legal entity startup attorney and registration fees, and or any Direct Registration Systems (DRS) fees being paid. This ensures the business is a properly formed legal entity and will be ready to raise funds. The SEC also holds Lunch & Learn series, which act like accelerator program for the students registered.

The Student Entrepreneur Center is:

  • Staffed with business professionals
  • Located on campus at 82 Marina Park Circle, and features an open-work area with upscale workstations, student lounge, and pool table
  • No charge to UB students!

If you have a business idea you are interested in pursuing, please complete the application below.

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