Student Entrepreneur Center

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When you join the Student Entrepreneur Center (SEC), you have the opportunity to:

  • Turn your ideas into a workable business plan ready for future success
  • Gain access to weekly Lunch and Learns every Friday
  • Be invited to exclusive community events
  • Have access to our state-of-the-art workstations, student lounges, meeting spaces, and podcast studio
  • Get paired with one of our in-house mentors
  • Get connected with alumni and local business organizations
  • Grow your skills and launch your ideas into fully formed businesses!

The Student Entrepreneur Center is:

The Student Entrepreneur Center is free for all UB students and staffed with business professionals with decades of experience in their fields. They are ready to share their expertise to help you succeed!

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headshot of Clovia McIntosh
In doing research, I found that 120 children, four years and under, are sent to the emergency room daily for slips and falls in tubs. With the help of the Student Entrepreneur Center, I was able to complete the market research, complete a provisional patent application, and create my prototype for a toddler tub. We went through 10 different iterations, finally completed one, and moved on to the alpha testing. Once we finished our alpha testing, we trademarked the name ‘Tubee’ and filed a full utility patent for our toddler tub. I have won three business plan competitions due to the mentorship and guidance from the weekly lunch-and-learn segments and have made several connections along the way. I could never have imagined accomplishing all of this without the Student Entrepreneur Center.
Clovia McIntosh
I had an idea, and I had some business experience, but I didn’t know how to meld the two to launch my idea into reality. The Student Entrepreneur Center gave me the confidence to try. The more I participated, the more I learned, and the people I met were always willing to help guide me.
Thea Marx
headshot of Thea Marx