The CTech IncUBator is a partnership between Connecticut Innovations, the State of Connecticut’s quasi-public authority for technology investing and innovation development, and University of Bridgeport (UB). Located at UB’s main campus in Bridgeport, CT, the CTech IncUBator is Fairfield County’s first and only university-based incubator for high-tech start-ups. The incubator’s purpose is to assist in commercializing new technologies, create jobs and foster regional economic development.

Driving Growth, Research, Innovation, and Economic Development

Targeting new start-ups, early stage companies, and Connecticut Innovations Portfolio Companies, the program:

  • Nurtures and facilities the growth of new technology businesses
  • Supports and enables the growth and commercialization of UB’s applied  research and Intellectual Property Initiatives
  • Foster and stimulate economic development and job creation in Greater Bridgeport, Fairfield County and the State of Connecticut

How does the CTech IncUBator benefit tenants?

The CTech IncUBator provides investment expertise, business and technology acumen, university research, resources and other strategic enablers to provide technology entrepreneurs with opportunities to succeed at the very earliest stages. The CTech IncUBator provides:

  • Favorable market rents with fully furnished offices
  • Shared support services
  • Pro-bono and discounted professional services (e.g. legal, accounting, intellectual property, technology, product commercialization and SCORE advisors)
  • An entrepreneurial environment conducive to exchanging information, ideas and solutions
  • Access to campus facilities and resources such as the recreation center, café, and coffee bar
  • Introductions to potential investors and pre-seed and seed funding programs
  • Access to public and private grant opportunities
  • Access to world-class faculty members and exceptional student interns

Companies in the program are provided tremendous benefits from the research capacity of the University. The Schools of Engineering, Business, and Health Sciences, provide a flexible research platform for product and idea development.

The CTech IncUBator creates a convenient, collaborative, environment that will help you grow your company. With common facilities, shared services and access to years of business expertise available through partner organizations, tech companies and entrepreneurs at the CTech IncUBator will have a jump start on success.

Become a Tenant

For a full list of resources and how to apply to become a tenant, please:

How does CTech IncUBator benefit the Greater Bridgeport/Fairfield County Community?

The program creates new and innovative opportunities and economic development for the surrounding community. Companies that grow in the program will create new, high technology industries and jobs. The program will be a notable example of our ongoing commitment to our surrounding Bridgeport and Fairfield County community.

How does the CTech IncUBator benefit students and faculty members?

Benefits of the CTech IncUBator include:

  • Placement in internships in an entrepreneurial environment
  • Learning opportunities in the field of business creation, development, marketing, management, engineering, and technology
  • Graduates placed in jobs with technology companies from the CTech IncUBator
  • Research, grant, and intellectual property opportunities for faculty