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Bill Moran

Alumni Board President

Dear Friends and Members of our Alumni Association,

I would like to take a few moments to introduce myself as the President of the University of Bridgeport Alumni Association, Board of Directors (UBAA). As a leader of the association, I am appealing to our many alumni around the globe to renew your connection with the University of Bridgeport, engage and work with us to move UB into the future.

I graduated from the College of Business Administration in 1974. I have had a long and varied career in different industries including most recently at IBM as a Senior Transformation Leader. I have recently retired, and currently live in New York. On behalf of UB, I serve as a member of the Industry Advisory Board for the Trefz School of Business and am a guest lecturer, specializing in Supply Chain Management.

Our UB Alumni Association, of which all our graduates are permanent members, is an essential component of our UB community. Alumni are special as they project the image of the quality and value of what a UB education provides. As an association we then become a bridge between the University and the many communities in which we reside and help to return to the University what is needed for future graduates.

As an alum, we encourage ways in which we can give back to the UB community. This could be by being a member of one of the four standing committees sponsored by our UBAA. These include Student Success, Historians, Networking, and our Alumni Athletes committee. You can volunteer to support a specific event, become a mentor for students, or provide support to enhance university programs. These are all ways we can keep up the momentum and move the UB legacy forward.

Our Association Board of Directors serve as your representatives in the conversations with UB about Alumni needs and help to engage alumni on behalf of the University. In the section below, I would like to introduce you to the dynamic group of UBAA Board Members we have this year. These alumni represent a host of backgrounds and UB history. All Board Members bring experience, energy, and commitment that are valuable assets to the University.

There is no standing still and YOUR support will help provide the state-of-the-art technology, modernized buildings, and advanced programming needed for future scholars. Be the change and invite your fellow classmates to connect with us. Together, we will advance the future of UB.

Look through our UB site for alumni events and the latest news about UB. There is so much happening and planned that we would like you to be a part of. In the coming year, I look forward to partnering with our Board and fellow Alums on the many opportunities to support current students, our UB alumni, and a revitalized University of Bridgeport.

I look forward to connecting with you and sharing what we hope to be a very exciting year ahead!

William T. Moran, President
Alumni Association Board of Directors

Alumni Association Board

Executive Board of Directors

Headshot of Bill Moran

William (Bill) Moran, ’74

Alumni Board President

IBM (Retired)
New York

Headshot of Gordon Stier

Gordon Stier, ’77

Alumni Board Vice President

Financial Planner, Prudential
New York

Headshot of Yvrose Romulus

Yvrose Romulus ’99, ’16

Alumni Board Secretary

University of Bridgeport

Board of Directors

Headshot of Miguel Arroyo

Miguel Arroyo, ’07, ’08, ’13

Morgan Stanley
New Jersey

Headshot of Dennis Brotherton

Dennis Brotherton, ’86

Retired Engineer

Headshot of Elissa Jill (EJ) Cohen

Elissa Jill (EJ) Cohen, ’75

New Hampshire

Headshot of Garry Hoffman

Garry Hoffman, ’87

Parametric Technology
New Jersey

Headshot of Ellen Hyde Phillips

Ellen Hyde Phillips, ’67

Fairfield Interiors

Headshot of Edward Lane

Edward Lane, ’75

Financial Accounting

Headshot of Jason Li

Jason Li, ’93

Katnip Marketing, President

Headshot of Victoria Loe

Victoria Loe, ’76

Washington State

Headshot of Mendel Murray

Mendel Murray, ’18, ’20

Toronto Football Club

Headshot of Catherine Rodriguez

Catherine Rodriguez, ’18

Liberty Bank, Talent Acquisition Partner

Headshot of Anthony Russo

Anthony Russo, ’19

Tactical Sourcing at LogicSource, Inc.

Headshot of Lawrence Santora

Lawrence Santora, ’68, ’69, ’81

Retired, Pitney Bowes

Headshot of Michael Schneider

Michael Schneider, ’84

Dow Jones
New Jersey

Headshot of Ajay Shrestha

Ajay Shrestha, ’02, ’06, ’19

Engineering Manager & Faculty

Headshot of Wallace Southerland III,

Wallace Southerland III, Ph.D., ’91

Michigan Technological University

Headshot of James Swain,

James Swain, JD LLM, ’75

Attorney and Author

Headshot of Lorraine K. Taylor

Lorraine K. Taylor, ’76

Project Management, Customer Service & Creative Vision for Product Implementation (Retired)

Headshot of Hal Tepfer

Hal Tepfer, ’78

Consulting Actuary

Headshot of Brandon Woods

Brandon Woods, ’15

Educator, Recruiter, and Advisor

Headshot of Lavanda Wright

Lavanda Wright, ’16

Lindner Center of HOPE

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