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The Social Science provides an excellent comprehensive introduction to the social sciences and to social science methods. It offers entering students the possibility to explore the various social sciences before opting for a particular focus. In addition to completing the major (i.e. meeting the requirements indicated in Groups I & II), students may choose to add (i) concentrations in History, International Studies, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, or (ii) minors in career-related areas such as International Business, Finance, Human Services, and Education.


Concentration in Sociology
Soc 231 Cultural Anthropology 3
Soc 204 Marriage & Family 3
Soc 315 Criminology 3
Soc 333 Social Inequality 3

Total 12 Credits

Political Science

Students interested in political science have the option of pursuing the B.A. in International Political Economy & Diplomacy or the B.A. in Social Science/Political Science Track. The B.A. in International Political Economy & Diplomacy is especially designed for students interested in working in areas such as the foreign service, with an international organization or with a non-governmental organization (NGO). The B.A. in Social Science/Political Science track has a more general focus and students may easily transfer between either of the majors during the first two years of study in the College of Public and International Affairs.

PS 204 Government and Politics Abroad 3
PS 207 World Politics 3
SoSc 207 World Regional Geography 3
PS 323 Classics in Political Theory or 3
PS 324 Recent Political Theory

Total 12 Credits

Pre-Law Minor

The University of Bridgeport offers a 15 credit Minor in Pre-Law studies. Students who are interested in pursuing a career in law are encouraged to include the Pre-Law Track as a part of their course of study. To complete the Pre-Law Track, the following courses need to be completed:

Pre-Law Track Requirements (15 credits)

PSCI 101 American Government
PSCI 223 Introduction to the American Legal System
SOC 315 Criminology
PSCI 204 Government and Politics Abroad or
Cultural Anthropology
PSCI 398 Law Internship*

*Students need to have completed a minimum of 60 semesters hours of undergraduate study and at least 30 semester hours at the University of Bridgeport with a 3.0 or higher in the Pre-Law Track to qualify for the PSCI 398 Law Internship.

Majors that are compatible with the Pre-Law Track:

Social Sciences
International Political Economy & Diplomacy
Martial Arts Studies
Mass Communication
Human Services

International Relations

PS 209 UN Studies 3
PS 207 World Politics 3
SoSc 207 World Regional Geography 3
Phil 216 World Religions 3

Total 12 Credits


Hist 207 American History I or 3
Hist 208 American History II
Hist 233 Roots of Modern Culture 3
History Electives 6

Total 12 Credits


Psyc 303 Psychology of Personality 3
Psyc 304 Abnormal Psychology 3
Psyc 305 Social Psychology 3
Psyc 201 Human Growth & Development I or 3
Psyc 202 Human Growth & Development II 3

Total 12 Credits

Criminal Justice

The Criminal Justice Track prepares students careers in law enforcement, corrections, security and forensics. The B.A. in Social Science/Criminal Justice track provides an excellent introduction to social science methods, which prepare students for objective assessment and analysis of situations.

In order to complete the Criminal Justice Track students are required to complete the following courses:

SOC 188x Introduction to Criminal Justice 3 Semester Hours
SOC 315 Criminology 3 Semester Hours
PSCI 233 Introduction to the American Legal System 3 Semester Hours or
PSCI 101 American Government 3 Semester Hours
SOC 311 Juvenile Delinquency 3 Semester Hours or
SOC 270 Sociology of Deviance 3 Semester Hours or
HUSV 315 Substance Abuse and Chemical Dependency 3 Semester Hours
PSCI 333 The Terror Network 3 Semester Hours
SOC 398 Internship in Criminal Justice 3 Semester Hours