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About the B.A. in Social Sciences

The Social Science major is an excellent introduction to methods of research and it offers students the possibility to explore the various social sciences before opting for a particular focus.

Students may elect to do a second major in either World Religions or IPED. The major provides students with a liberal arts experience from the perspective of the social sciences. Careers that students pursue after graduating from this major include positions in:

  • Government
  • The Foreign Service
  • International Agencies or Businesses
  • Law
  • Teaching
  • Community Relations and Service

The Social Sciences major is designed to provide students with a liberal arts experience from the perspective of the social sciences. It is innovative both in its interdisciplinary approach to subject matter and the options it offers students to pursue their goals, whether in graduate school or government or the foreign service, in international agencies or business, in the law, teaching or community service. In addition to completing the major, students may choose to add concentrations in History, International Studies, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, or minors in career-related areas such as International Business, Finance, Human Services, and Education.

Career opportunities traditionally available to liberal arts students are much enhanced by the flexibility the Social Science major permits. In its interdisciplinary approach, its emphasis on breadth as well as depth of learning, and its focus on practical skills, the Social Science major prepares students for success in their careers, for leadership roles in their communities and the world, and for self-fulfillment.

Learning Outcomes

The learning outcomes for the Social Science Program are as follows:

  1. Students will possess a broad, liberal arts foundation and an understanding of how developments in social and intellectual history shape and affect human values and institutions.
  2. Students will demonstrate an understanding of basic social science research methods.
  3. Students will demonstrate that they are conversant (i.e., possess a basic grasp) in the disciplines subsumed under the “social science” rubric at the University of Bridgeport, i.e., political science, economics, international studies, and sociology.
  4. Students will demonstrate a more advanced “working knowledge” of at least one social science discipline.
  5. Students so inclined will demonstrate they possess the cognitive competencies and study skills to succeed in advanced/graduate studies in any of the social sciences or in law or business.
  6. Students will demonstrate that they have the competencies needed to function competently in an entry-level social science-related career.
  7. Students will demonstrate competency in written and oral communication.

* Note for all College of Public and International Affairs majors, a portfolio is collected to track progress in programmatic outcomes