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Bauer Hall Innovation Center


UB continues to be a leader in the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem for both students and local business with its new Bauer Hall Innovation Center. Thanks to a gift from George and Carol Bauer, UB will have a new center for student-entrepreneurs and Connecticut businesses that will foster the creation of new businesses, as well as assist in the growth of current businesses. The Center will have a planned International Trade Center and Professional Service Office. In addition, the Center includes a maker space, conference and presentation rooms, student lounge, individualized computer work stations, collaborative “brainstorming booths” and lab areas that will provide a professional and high-tech atmosphere to both students and the community. Since the Bauer Hall Innovation Center is in Bridgeport, one of Connecticut’s four designated Free Trade Zones, the Center offers unique client support. To improve their businesses, clients will be guided by attorneys, experts specializing in international trade, designers, engineers, marketing professionals, accountants, financial professionals, and successful entrepreneurs. To learn how the center can support your business innovations, contact


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Elena Cahill, J.D.

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