Financial Aid for Graduate Students

Our commitment is to help you navigate and understand the financial aid process and identify financial tools to help make a college education affordable. Paying for college is a partnership, and this partnership includes your family, the government, and University of Bridgeport.

On-campus jobs

Student employment is an opportunity for students at University of Bridgeport to learn about the work environment while obtaining a degree. Current students apply and search for jobs through the Career Development Office.


All Federal Work-study students can earn a maximum of $1000 per semester, if eligible. Work-study jobs are preformed on campus only. Once students reach their limit for the semester, they can no longer work, until the following semester. It is the student’s responsibility to keep track of when they will be reaching their limit.

Resident assistantship/community assistantship

Resident and community assistantship jobs are compensated with a scholarship that covers food and housing. Students interested can contact the Residential Life office at or 203-576-4228.

Graduate assistantship

Graduate assistantship jobs are compensated in a combination of scholarship and stipends. The amount of earning and hours are based on the number of credits being paid by the department.


Students must be enrolled in a minimum of six (6) or more credits in order to process federal loans. The most current interest rates and loan fees can be found at the Federal Student Aid website.



Scholarship recipients will be eligible to receive their scholarship award for the duration of the academic program providing certain conditions are met.


Payment plans

Monthly payment plans are available. Students and their families can make payments from their bank account or by credit card through the myUB portal. The interest-free payment plan option can help spread all or part of student’s tuition, room & board, and fees over several equal monthly payments. Payment plan enrollment can be completed via the UB Portal for a fee of $50 each semester.

Paying Your Bill

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