Tuition-Paid Internship

UB is home to the first tuition-paid internship program in the country and trains more Connecticut teachers than any other school in the state. UB works closely with 65+ school districts in Connecticut and Westchester, NY.

Tuition-paid internship - option

  • Save over $25,740 in tuition
  • Accelerated Program - Complete your master’s degree in a year (12 months)
  • You take classes at least two to three nights a week
  • UB’s School of Education arranges your internship placement
  • You intern full-time in a cooperating school during the day for an entire academic year
  • You pay only for fees

The 33 credits of master’s level coursework must be completed during the student’s two-semester, 10-month internship in a school district. Tuition will not be paid for credits completed outside of this time frame.

Elementary or Secondary teacher certification requires an additional 12-14 weeks of residency (student) teaching experience (6 credits)

Interns will:

  • Work closely with faculty and staff at your participating school
  • Act as a substitute teacher
  • Assist in school projects
  • Mentor small groups of students

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