physicians assistant programs

About the M.S. Physician Assistant

The role of physician assistants in the health system continues to grow both in value and need. Since 2011, the University of Bridgeport’s Physician Assistant Institute (PAI) has offered the Physician Assistant (M.S.) degree program in order to address this demand by providing a preventative approach to medicine.

Pursuing your degree at UB’s Physician Assistant Institute allows you to take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Curriculum that emphasizes community service and global health
  • Small class sizes that allow you to work closely with our diverse faculty
  • On-site cadaver lab
  • Integrative medicine approach
  • 28-month schedule and January start date

Mission Statement

The mission of the University of Bridgeport Physician Assistant Institute is to develop clinicians with: dedication to patients; commitment to life-long education; respect for the profession; a global perspective on health care; volunteerism as a professional core value and an integrative approach to practice for the benefit of all patients.

This mission to educate the physician assistant is reflected in our motto: Adiuvare, Mederi, Communiter; TO HELP, TO HEAL, TOGETHER.
—Adopted by the Physician Assistant Faculty- December 17, 2009

UB PAI students have a 3-course series in preventive medicine, medical ethics and patient education.  Students practice these skills in annual events such as the University health fair.  Students collaborate with integrative health care professionals to provide comprehensive free screening for the underserved community. The Mercy Learning Center depends on PA students to provide preventive medicine education as well as food drives and collections of personal hygiene items throughout the year. The annual Kidney Foundation walk is a way our students raise awareness about kidney health and proper screening.

The Integrative Medicine course exposes students to many of the complementary and alternative treatment modalities. Faculty from the School of Dental Hygiene lectures on the impact of dental health on patient outcomes. Students have the opportunity to use the university-run acupuncture, chiropractic and naturopathic care at a minimal cost.

Our Bruce Fichandler scholarship award allows us to recognize students who demonstrate leadership ability, commitment to their field, extracurricular activities, community service and professional awareness. We participate in the Challenge Bowl each year on the state and national level

Each year, UB PAI students travel to Rockefeller Center in Manhattan on PA Day, representing the UB PAI on the “Today Show” to raise awareness of the profession. Our students are active in ConnAPA and with the PA foundation.

The Global Health and Preventive Medicine course introduces students to a global perspective. Our annual medical mission to Guatemala allows students to provide direct aid, screening and support to an international underserved community