Physician Assistant Goals and Outcomes

Program Goals

Program Competencies

Graduates of the University of Bridgeport Physician Assistant Institute will be able to demonstrate competence in the following areas:

  • PO1: Accurately elicit and interpret an appropriate comprehensive or problem-focused history from patients of any age and gender identity in a variety of settings. (MK, ICS, PC, PROF)
  • PO2: Accurately perform an appropriate comprehensive or problem-focused physical examination and interpret examination findings of patients of any age and gender identity in a variety of settings. (MK, ICS, PC, PROF)
  • PO3: Utilize pertinent patient data and diagnostic interpretation to formulate a differential diagnosis and patient-centered management plan. (MK, ICS, PROF)
  • PO4: Demonstrate effective written and oral communication skills to all members of the health care team, patients and families. (ICS, PC, PROF)
  • PO5: Apply critical thinking skills, basic and clinical science knowledge, and analysis of research to facilitate medical decision making and solve complex clinical problems. (MK, PBL)
  • PO6: Utilize clinical and financial resources prudently to support patient care decisions in a variety of local and global health care systems. (SBL)
  • PO7: Provide care to diverse patient populations and demonstrate sensitivity to culture, age, gender identity, race/ethnicity and disability. (PC, PROF, ICP)
  • PO8: Counsel and educate for disease prevention and health promotion minimizing barriers to care by consideration of health literacy, belief systems, and socioeconomic status. (ICS, PC)
  • PO9: Understand the role of the PA profession and adhere to professional and ethical standards in providing patient care. (PROF, PC)
  • PO10: Acknowledge and understand patient preferences in utilization of integrative and cultural practitioners. (PC, PROF, SBP)
  • PO11: Identify ways to improve health equity and manage the health of populations. (SBL, PC, PBL)
  • PO12: Accurately perform the necessary technical skills for clinical practice and identify associated indications, contraindications, outcomes and complications. (MK, PC)
  • PO13: Identify the roles of various providers in the healthcare team and work collaboratively within inter-professional teams. (ICS, SBL)
  • Definitions of the abbreviations are as follows: Medical Knowledge (MK), Interpersonal & Communication Skills (ICS), Patient Care (PC), Professionalism (PROF), Practice-based Learning & Improvement (PBL) and Systems-based Practice (SBP). Abbreviations are based on the Competencies for the Physician Assistant Profession.

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