PA Program Goals and Competencies

Program goals

University of Bridgeport’s PA Institute (PAI) has established the following five goals which support the mission and outcomes of the program. Each goal has defined benchmarks and associated data which demonstrate how they are being met. Benchmarks are identified in figures and graphs as a purple line.

2023 Program Goals Report

Program competencies

Graduates of the University of Bridgeport Physician Assistant Institute will be able to demonstrate competence in the following areas:

  • PO1: Elicit and interpret an accurate medical history from a patient. (PK)
  • PO2: Perform an appropriate physical examination and accurately interpret findings. (PK)
  • PO3: Utilize pertinent patient data and diagnostic interpretation to formulate a differential diagnosis. (PK)
  • PO4: Demonstrate clinical reasoning and problem-solving skills to create a management plan. (PK)
  • PO5: Accurately perform the technical skills utilized in care of the patient. (PK)
  • PO6: Demonstrate effective communication skills necessary to work in healthcare teams. (HLC, ICP)
  • PO7: Demonstrate culturally sensitive care with a patient-centered approach. (PK, HLC))
  • PO8: Counsel and educate for disease prevention and promotion of healthy lifestyle. (PK, SPH, HLC)
  • PO9: Understand the role of the PA and adhere to professional standards in healthcare settings. (ICP, PL, HCF)
  • PO10: Identify the roles of various providers in the healthcare team including alternative or complementary practitioners. (HCF)

Definitions of the abbreviations are as follows: Patient-Centered Practice Knowledge (PK), Society and Population Health (SPH), Health Literacy and Communication (HLC), Interprofessional Collaborative Practice and Leadership (ICP), Professional and Legal Aspects of Health Care (PL) & Health Care Finances and Systems (HCF). Abbreviations are based on the Competencies for the Physician Assistant profession.

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