Airport Shuttle Service

For transportation from JFK or LaGuardia airports, University of Bridgeport recommends that you take GO Airport Shuttle to UB. To reserve a seat, you can go to their website and use a credit card. If you have not reserved a seat before you arrive, you can typically secure a seat on a Prime Time shuttle once you arrive at the airport.


  • Once you have arrived at the airport, claimed your baggage, and gone through Customs and Immigration (for International students), go to the Ground Transportation Counter located just outside the baggage claim area.
  • Call GO Airport Shuttle on the Courtesy Phone to let them know you have arrived, or tell someone at the Ground Transportation Counter that you want to take the shuttle to University of Bridgeport. They will tell you where to wait, and the driver will pick you up and take you to your address in Bridgeport.
  • The ride to University of Bridgeport takes about 1 hour. The last van leaves the airports at 10 p.m.
  • The cost for the trip to University of Bridgeport is about $60. You should give the driver a tip of about $5.

If you arrive at Newark Airport in New Jersey, you can use Connecticut Limo. Follow the same procedure as above, but ask for Connecticut Limo instead. Connecticut Limo does not take you to your campus address but arrives at the Bridgeport Terminal. The price is about $65 per person. The van leaves frequently throughout the day, until midnight. Once you arrive at Bridgeport Terminal, you should ask for a taxi to University of Bridgeport. The cost of a taxi to campus from the Bridgeport Terminal is about $6. You can also make Amtrak reservations to Bridgeport for $30-$55.

DO NOT take a taxi directly from any NY/NJ airport to Bridgeport. It is VERY expensive!