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Multicultural Affairs

Multicultural Affairs offers co-curricular and extra-curricular educational programs, resources, training and services that foster a positive climate for diversity and support the retention of underrepresented students.

Through engaging with Multicultural Affairs, students can learn and apply the following skills, knowledge, and awareness to prepare them to be leaders in a globally diverse community and workforce:

  • Awareness of how culture and social identities shape our worldview;
  • Development of allyship that leverages power and privilege in a pro-social manner;
  • Confront and address microaggressions, implicit bias, and non-inclusive language;
  • Engage in dialogue about inclusion and equity for individuals and groups;
  • Apply classroom or academic lessons to real world situations and social problems;
  • Identify and access resources for support and advocacy on and on campus.

Multicultural Affairs achieves its mission through outreach, community, intellectual development and leadership development. Explore the headings above for more information and examples of each strategy.