Exercise is Medicine on Campus at University of Bridgeport

UB Students running

University of Bridgeport is excited to be an Exercise is Medicine on Campus (EIM-OC) university!

EIM-OC, a health initiative under the American College of Sports Medicine, partners with colleges and universities to promote physical activity as an integral part of overall health and wellness. UB is proud to be able to offer renovated facilities and resources to foster student health.


EIM-OC: Exercise is Medicine® On Campus calls upon universities and colleges to promote physical activity as a vital sign of health. EIM-OC encourages faculty, staff, and students to work together toward improving the health and well-being of the campus community by:

  • Making movement a part of the daily campus culture
  • Assessing physical activity at every student health visit
  • Providing students with the tools necessary to establish healthy physical activity habits that can last a lifetime
  • Connecting university healthcare providers with university health fitness specialists to provide a referral system for exercise prescription.

Read President Danielle Wilken’s proclamations about EIM-OC here:

<>March Proclamation  October Proclamation

University of Bridgeport’s EIM-OC leadership team

Bren Harrison Bren Harrison, DHSc:

Janice Faye Janice Faye, BS:

Rob Cotè Rob Cotè, DC, DACBR:
Healthcare professional

Steph Burr Steph Burr, MS, CNS, CDN:
Health Fitness professional

Student representatives

  • Ryan Boehm
  • Kesiri Gonzales
  • Mikayla Kennedy
  • Hailey Kim

Silver campus

UB Students running
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Contact EIM-OC leadership team

  • Phone203‑576‑4124
  • Email

Bren Harrison, DHSc
Health Sciences Center, Room 631
60 Lafayette St
Bridgeport, CT 06604