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Secondary Education Master's Degree

If you are looking to teach students grades 7-12, we encourage you to explore our initial teacher certification program for secondary education. You can complete the MS in Secondary Education Degree program as either an intern or a traditional student, whichever works best with your busy lifestyle.

The University of Bridgeport offers a variety of Secondary Education Masters degree program options to pursue:

  • Business
  • English
  • History and Social Studies
  • Mathematics
  • Music (PK-12)
  • Science (Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, General Science and Physics)
  • Remedial Reading and Remedial Language Arts, 1-12

Each will prepare students who have a strong content knowledge in these areas for successful teaching careers.

As a Master in Secondary Education, MSEd degree program candidate, you may take coursework at any of our two locations, Bridgeport or Waterbury; however, a few courses may only be offered in Bridgeport. *If you already have a master’s degree, you can complete the program at a Sixth Year Certificate of Advanced Study (CAS) level. This program is offered at our main Bridgeport campus, as well as the Waterbury Center location.

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