In completing the Bachelor’s Degree, students enroll in DHYG 302 Instructional Strategies for the Health Professional and DHYG 304 Dental Hygiene Internship. These two courses prepare the student for and lead them into an internship experience in education or community locations. These two courses create opportunities for innovative experiences while being mentored for practical experience beyond clinical practice.

The internship allows you to apply your studies in a professional setting that aligns best with your goals. Under the guidance of the course instructor, you will select a field site in an alternative practice setting (not private practice). With the help of the site’s primary mentor, you will set goals and objectives that allow you to become an integral member of the organization and provide you with 50 hours of direct observation, participation, and supervised teaching or fieldwork.

Areas of focus

  • Student teaching in dental hygiene and dental assisting programs
  • Community and hospital health clinics
  • Dental product companies
  • Local health departments
  • Dental research companies

Internship affiliations include the following student teaching/internship locations

  • Fones School of Dental Hygiene
  • Stratford, CT Health Department
  • Porter and Chester Institute, CT
  • Norwalk Hospital Dental Clinic, Norwalk, CT
  • Community Health Centers, CT
  • Middlesex County College, Edison, NJ
  • North Hampton Community College, Bethlehem, PA
  • Centrix Dental, Inc., Shelton, CT
  • Open Door Family Medical Center, Ossining, NY

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