Literacy Education Reading and Language Arts Courses

The Literacy Education Sixth Year diploma program leading to certification in Reading and Language Arts Consultant (097) is aligned with the International Reading Association’s standards for the preparation of reading professionals.


Prerequisite Course Requirements

These requirements may be met by taking an undergraduate or graduate course with a grade of at least a "B."

Educational Psychology - 3 credits (required)

EDUC 509 Psychological Foundations in Education 3

Children’s or Adolescent Literature - 3 credits (required)

EDUC 536C Children’s Literacy OR 3
EDUC 536J Adolescent Literacy 3

Special Education - 3 credits (required)

EDUC 564 Education of the Exceptional Student 3

Tests and Measurements - 3 credits (required)

EDUC 558 Evaluation of Instructional Outcomes 3

Curriculum: Methods and Materials in Teaching Language Arts - 3 credits (required)

EDUC 440C Pedagogical and Content Knowledge in Teaching Language Arts OR 2
EDUC 440M/J Methods and Materials in Teaching Language Arts 3

Second Language Learning and Acquisition- 1 credit (required)

EDUC 570 Instruction for the English Language Learner 1

Initial Program Requirements

The initial program requirements may be met through completion of the following courses at the Master’s or Sixth Year level:

Developmental Reading - 6 credits (required)

EDUC 574 Developmental Reading in the Elementary School 3
EDUC 575M/J Reading and Writing in the Content Areas 3

Diagnosis and Remediation of Reading and Language Arts Difficulties - 3 credits (required)

EDUC 571 Diagnosis and Intervention of Reading and Language Arts Difficulties 3

Clinical Field Experience - 7 credits (required)

EDUC 596 Field Experience in Reading and Language Arts 1
EDUC 597 Practicum in Reading and Language Arts 6

Advanced Program Requirements

Advanced Reading and Language Arts Diagnosis - 2 credits (required)

EDUC 572 Advanced Diagnosis of Reading and Language Arts Difficulties 2

Organization, Administration, and Supervision Of Reading - 4 credits (required)

EDLD 611 Administration: Organizing and Staffing Educational Institutions OR 3
EDLD 613 Leadership 3
EDLD 611A Organization, Administration, and Supervision of Reading and Language Arts Programs 1

Reading and Language Arts Consultant Practicum and Applied Research - 6 credits (required)

EDLD 683 Internship for the Reading & Language Arts Consultant 6

Additional Program Requirements

Final Degree Requirement - (choose one of the following:)

EDUC 668 Literacy Research Project: Dyslexia 1
EDUC 669 Sixth Year Project OR 3
EDUC 695 Advanced Thesis Research - Sixth Year 3

Additional Certification Requirements

Connecticut Reading Specialist Test

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