Master’s in Mechanical Engineering Classes

A minimum of 31 semester hours is required for the MSME degree. The program combines core mechanical engineering courses with technical electives. The student is recommended to choose 3 electives for in-depth study in one technical area and the other electives for exploration in a broader technical area.

Mechanical Engineering Courses: An Overview

  • 3 courses (9 credit hours) from the Mechanical Engineering core courses
  • 3 courses (9 credit hours) from one technical area
  • MEEG 597 Masters project (3 credit hours) or MEEG 598 Masters thesis (6 credit hours)
  • 2-3 elective courses (6-9 credit hours)
  • ENGR 400 Engineering Colloquium (1 credit hour)

Master’s in Mechanical Engineering Core Courses

The core Mechanical Engineering MS courses help the student to increase his/her knowledge and competence in skills essential to the mechanical engineering field.

  • MEEG 405 System Dynamics and Control
  • MEEG 410 Advanced Fluid Dynamics
  • MEEG 462 Applied Thermodynamics
  • MEEG 463 Advanced Heat Transfer
  • MEEG 451 Advanced Strength Analysis
  • MEEG 452 Advanced Vibrations
  • MEEG 453 Finite Element Analysis in Mechanical Engineering Design
  • MEEG 454 Advanced Dynamics
  • MATH 401 Advanced Analysis for Scientists and Engineers I

Students must plan his/her degree program with the help of the academic advisor. As a general guideline, only one course outside of Mechanical Engineering is allowed toward the MSME degree. However, another out-of-department course can be taken if it is required for the chosen technical area and has the approval of both the advisor and chairman. The list below is comprised of suggested courses for various technical areas.

General MS Program Requirements

Academic Performance

Students in a degree program who do not maintain a satisfactory record will be separated from the Graduate School. Normally, the accumulation of one “F” grade, or more than one “D” grade, or more than three “C” grades will result in separation.

Course Levels

  • 400-499 Generally taken by qualified undergraduates and first year graduate students.
  • 500-599 Open to graduate students.
  • 600 + Open to masters and PhD students
  • 700 Open to PhD students only

Degree Program Requirements

All students studying for the Master of Science degree must have on file an approved program of study on the provided form. Programs of study are worked out between the student and his/her advisor to meet both the student’s desires and the graduate faculty’s philosophy of an integrated program. They must carry the approval of the chair of the department awarding the degree. Changes in the approved program of study must be approved by the student’s program advisor and the department Chair.

Completion of Master’s Degree

The Master of Science degree will be awarded only to those students successfully completing the following requirements:

  • A minimum number of 30-34 semester hours (see specific program requirements) with a QPR of “B” or better in an approved program of study. The number of semester hours which may be transferred from another institution is an individual matter that will be reviewed by the major department, but is normally no more than 9 semester hours.
  • Satisfactory completion of the state licensure requirements as prescribed by the faculty of the major department, and a favorable recommendation from the faculty upon review of the student’s program and performance, after the student has made a formal application for a Master’s diploma.

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