Mechanical Engineering Programs

In-depth studies combined with project- and lab-oriented experience in our award-winning School of Engineering will prepare you for a mechanical engineering career. We offer a variety of Mechanical Engineering programs. Pick the engineering program best suited for you.

A student at UB, one of the best mechanical engineering schools in ct

Mechanical Engineering BS

The Mechanical Engineering BS degree program combines in-depth studies with lab and project experience to help students apply the principles of motion, force, energy, and materials for the design, development, analysis, manufacturing, testing and maintenance of mechanical systems.

Mechanical Engineering BS

A student at UB, one of the best mechanical engineering ms programs in CT

Mechanical Engineering MS

The Mechanical Engineering MS degree program prepares the student for a successful professional career through advanced study in design, development, analysis, manufacturing, and maintenance of mechanical systems for a wide range of industries, including transportation, automation, medical, energy generation, electronic, sports and aerospace.

Mechanical Engineering MS

A student at UB, one of the best bs to ms accelerated degree programs in CT

BS to MS Accelerated Degree Program

University of Bridgeport’s BS-to-MS Accelerated Mechanical Engineering program is designed for undergraduate students with a strong academic record in any area of engineering who wish to pursue a graduate degree in an expedited format.

Engineering BS to MS

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