Learning Outcomes and Careers

Our Criminal Justice and Human Security MA graduates will:

  • Demonstrate the skills necessary to excel in professional careers in federal, state, and international law enforcement agencies where intercultural communication skills, foreign language skills, and insights into other cultures are increasingly important both to address criminal activity and to take needed steps to prevent it
  • Demonstrate an understanding of and appreciation of the rule of law, law enforcement’s role in the securing and protection of civil and human rights, and an understanding of the social conditions and circumstances that foster or discourage criminal behavior
  • Demonstrate an understanding of Human Security and its role in the realization of a just and lawful society and the impact that this understanding of security has upon the existing notions of national, regional and international security
  • Demonstrate the intercultural literacy skills needed to relate to an increasingly globalized population where norms and values may differ
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the role of non-state actors in international crime and justice, in such fields as norm creation, deviance, terrorism, and crime prevention
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the interpretations of religion, ideology, and culture that contribute to the proliferation and/or the deterrence of violence and crime


No matter who you are when you begin UB’s Criminal Justice and Human Security MA degree program, upon graduation, you will be a well-prepared graduate ready to work in the area of criminal justice, international security, defense, intelligence, and transnational crime prevention or deterrence anywhere in the world.

This program is an excellent choice for domestic and international students looking to continue their education in criminal justice and human security; law enforcement employees — from local police to international officers, seeking to gain further expertise in the field; as well as military personnel looking to enter security at the civilian level. Students interested in pursuing positions in federal organizations, such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation, or in state or local criminal justice agencies that have an international focus will also benefit from completing this program. The program also provides a solid foundation for students looking to pursue advanced study in law or doctoral-level study of criminal justice upon graduation.

  • National security (FBI, CIA, DEA, IRS)
  • Global intelligence
  • Education
  • Criminology
  • Corporate security
  • Private security
  • Cyber Security
  • Security analyst / Penetration tester
  • Advocacy
  • Law enforcement (local, state, Interpol)
  • Surveillance
  • Legal research
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