Master's in Business Administration MBA Online Concentrations

As a student in the MBA Online Degree Program, you will select a concentration as part of your program of study. Each concentration is nine credits (three courses) and will give you a depth of knowledge in that area. Students can choose more than one concentration as well.

Analytics Intelligence is the study of big data and how we can use it to improve a company’s processes and outcomes. You’ll learn how to capture and analyze data, and draw conclusions based on your findings that will help businesses increase their efficiency and their profits. With impressive industry and job growth predictions, this field is poised to become a vital aspect of practicing effective business strategy.

Concentration Courses

  • ITKM 548 Enterprise Intelligence and Decision Support Systems (3 credits)
  • ITKM 549 Technical Concepts for Analytics Professionals (3 credits)
  • ITKM 560 Foundations in Advanced Enterprise Analytics (3 credits)

The MBA concentration in Healthcare Management prepares current and aspiring leaders for successful careers in a wide range of healthcare organizations. This graduate program integrates rigorous and contemporary coursework from several schools to provide the necessary knowledge and skills to thrive in today’s healthcare industry.

Concentration Courses

  • Healthcare Quality, Outcomes, & Evidence-Based Care (3 credits)
  • Healthcare Leadership and Business Administration (3 credits)
  • Epidemiology, Population Health, & Data Analytics (3 credits)

The MBA distance learning degree with a Human Resources Management concentration prepares students for leadership in a global technological world. The program provides extensive training for the practice of managing human resources in a range of businesses and corporations. We offer an ethically-based management program with a focus on understanding the strategic importance of an organization’s most valuable asset—its people. Establish an in-depth knowledge of tactical and policy development, organizational behavior and contemporary issues and challenges.

Concentration Courses

  • MGMT 511 Human Resources Management (3 credits)
  • MGMT 512 Organizational Development (3 credits)
  • MGMT 515 Workforce Assessment (3 credits)

The MBA distance learning degree with a Management concentration enhances knowledge and develops skills that prepare students for leadership and an understanding of management competencies that are required to plan, build and run a successful enterprise. With an emphasis on employee motivation and overall management of people and organizational systems, this program provides the foundation for students to build up a new or existing enterprise.

Concentration Courses

  • MGMT 511 Human Resources Management (3 credits)
  • MGMT 539 International Issues (3 credits)
  • Management Elective (3 credits)

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