Bachelor’s in Business Administration Courses Online

Degree Requirements Summary (120 credits)

Online Business Administration Courses (24 credits)

Includes courses in Fundamentals of Management and Leadership, Social Impact of Technology, Business Math, Analytical and Persuasive Writing, Critical Thinking and Writing, Business and Professional Communications, Public Communications, and Budgeting and Finance for Organizations.

University Core Curriculum (42 credits)

Includes courses in English, Fine Arts, Humanities, Liberal Arts, Math, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences.

General Electives (33 credits)

Select courses that expand your field of study and provide depth in a particular discipline. The General Electives allow for transferring a multi-disciplinary number of credits from other schools while providing opportunity to customize your learning experience.

Healthcare Administration Track

Overall Program Requirements: 120 credits
General Education Requirements: 30 credits
Business Program Requirements: 54 credits
Healthcare Administration Requirements: 18
Free Electives: 18 credits

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