Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration

A student earning a business administration degree in CT

The Bachelor's degree in Business Administration major provides the maximum flexibility in course selection for a student to fulfill both personal and professional goals. Upon completion of University and College core requirements, the student may pursue a myriad of unique combinations of study to satisfy either a general or specific business administration degree in CT. This includes combining study from two or three of the major disciplines of study within the college including those disciplines not listed in this catalog such as Economics and Management Information Systems, and combinations with other colleges at the University. In all cases, the student’s study program must be approved by the student’s faculty advisor.

Students interested in adding a Teacher Certification to a program in Business Administration can do so. A brief description of the teacher certification requirements appears in the School of Education section.

The Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration permits a student, upon completion of the core business requirements and prerequisites applicable to all business degrees, to create a unique combination of courses in business or other academic disciplines.

All business courses listed under other majors as well as courses in other academic disciplines such as political economy, psychology or sociology, may be chosen as elements of this major.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students demonstrate well-developed knowledge in all - and mastery in at least one - of the basic business disciplines (accounting, business analytics & intelligence, economics, finance, International Business, management, marketing, and sport management).
  • Students demonstrate effective oral and written communication skills in a business context in both formal and informal settings.
  • Students will develop professional skills and an awareness of diversity across the spectrum of differences and consider these differences in the analysis of global realities and challenges.
  • Students will demonstrate proficiency with technology, analytical techniques for decision-making and will understand the impact and opportunities offered by information technology in business.
  • Students exhibit knowledge of current issues using creativity and innovation.
  • Students identify, evaluate, and recommend possible courses of action related to the application of ethical business principles and will develop a personal ethical decision-making framework.
  • Students will be critical thinkers and problem-solvers thereby enabling them to successfully lead in a dynamic global environment.

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