Biomedical Engineering Courses

Students in the Biomedical Engineering graduate program must earn 34 credits. While 28 credits are earned by taking classes, six credits are earned by completing a team-based, publishable graduate-level research project. The core curriculum accounts for 16 credits.

  • BMEG 565: Biomedical Materials and Engineering (3 credits)
  • BMEG/ELEG 412: Bioelectronics (3 credits)
  • BMEG 580: Tissue Engineering (3 credits)
  • BMEG 620: Team based research (6 credits)
  • ENGR 400: Seminar (1 credit)

Core courses

BMEG 410 Biosensors
BMEG 412 Bioelectrics
BMEG 440 Ergonomic Factors in Design
BMEG 451 Introduction to BioMEMS
BMEG 413 Bioinformatics
BMEG 508 Biomechanics
BMEG 561 Instrumental Analysis of Nanomaterials
BMEG 537 Biophysical Fluid Mechanics
BMEG 510 Medical Machines
BMEG 515 Advanced Digital Systems
BMEG 535 Foundations of Biotechnology and Bioenterpreneurship
BMEG 543 Digital Signal Processing
BMEG 545 Genetics and Genomics
BMEG 546 Bio Signal Processing
BMEG 560 Advanced Materials and Engineering
BMEG 562 Nanofabrication with Softmaterials
BMEG 563 Polymer Nanocomposite
BMEG 565 Biomedical Materials and Engineering
BMEG 574 Pathology in Bioengineering
BMEG 580 Tissue Engineering
BMEG 573 Magnetobioengineering
BMEG 577 Cancer and Engineering
BMEG 578 Biomedical Imaging
BMEG 587 Embedded Systems Design

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