Dual Enrollment/Early College Credit Program

Earn up to 30 credits of college coursework

University of Bridgeport’s Dual Enrollment/Early College Credit Program offers an exciting opportunity for high school students to start earning college credits. You can earn credits by enrolling in approved classes taken at your high school. Once you have successfully completed a Dual Enrollment/Early College Credit Program course, you will receive academic credit that is equal to the completion of the same course taught at UB.

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UB Dual Enrollment Course Listing

Each of the Dual Enrollment Program courses is offered through a specific college within the University of Bridgeport to ensure our high academic standards are maintained. Additionally, each course is associated with a UB Liaison who will work with you to deliver these classes at your high school.


Amy M. Nawrocki, Liaison

Course Name Course Title UB Faculty Mentor(s)
ENGL-101 Composition & Rhetoric I Amy M. Nawrocki
ENGL-102 Introduction to Literature Amy M. Nawrocki
ENGL-105A Introduction to Drama Amy M. Nawrocki


Patrick Frawley, Liaison

Course Name Course Title UB Faculty Mentor(s)
BIOL-101 General Organism Biology Kathleen Engelmann
BIOL-102 Cell-Molecular Biology Anthony F. Ross
CHEM-103 Chemistry Abu Gafar Hossion
CPSC-203 Second Programming Language Sarosh H. Patel
DHYG-199 Independent Study Laura Greco
ENGR-111 Introduction to Engineering I Sarosh H. Patel
MATH-103 Introduction to College Algebra/Statistics Patrick Frawley
MATH-109 Precalculus Math Patrick Frawley
MATH-110 Calculus Analytic Geometry I Patrick Frawley
MLSC-301 Phlebotomy Susan Ferency
MLSC-315 Fundamentals of Medical Laboratory Science Susan Ferency
PHYS-201 General Physics I Maria Gherasimova
PSYC-103 Introduction to Psychology Liane J. Leedom
PSYC-201 Child Psychology Liane J. Leedom
PSYC-205 Lifespan Developmental Psychology Liane J. Leedom
SCI-C201 Our Environment: The Oceans Kathleen Engelmann

NOTE: The following manufacturing courses are available for Dual Enrollment/Early College Credit through Goodwin University:

  1. BMM-100 Introduction to Manufacturing
  2. BMM-140 Principles in Manufacturing Mathematics
  3. BMM-222 Technical Drawings and Specifications

Please reach out to Matthew Dadona at MDadona@goodwin.edu for more information.


James K. Page, EdD, Liaison

Course Name Course Title UB Faculty Mentor(s)
ACCT-101 Principles Accounting I Alexander A. Discepolo, Harold H. Hartmann Jr
BLAW-251 Business Law I Elena L. Cahill
BUAD-210X Foundations of Entrepreneurship Elena L. Cahill / Tim Raynor
ESPT-220 Esports James Page


Nancy K. DeJarnette, EdD, Liaison

Course Name Course Title UB Faculty Mentor(s)
EDU-201 Introduction to Education Nancy K. DeJarnette
EDU-202 Introduction to Teaching Methods Nancy K. DeJarnette

We regularly update our Dual Enrollment course listing and add new courses. If you have any questions, contact us at dualenrollment@bridgeport.edu.

High School Principal / Site Representative & Teacher Information

To become a school partner, please download UB’s Dual Enrollment/Early College Credit (DE/ECC) Program packet to learn more about the program’s benefits, policies & procedures and required forms to begin our partnership.


Julie Demers
Dual Enrollment / Early College Credit Coordinator

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