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Course Registration

It is important to register for courses early to get the best selection. Once you have met with your academic advisor and selected the appropriate course schedule, you will be ready to register. Registration opens the first week of April for Summer and Fall semesters and the first week of November for the Spring semester.


  • There are two options for registering online at UB: through WebAdvisor and through Student Planner.
  • If you need assistance to log in, please contact the IT Helpdesk via the ACTS website, via phone at (203) 576-3300 or via email at
  • Registration through WebAdvisor

    • First, meet with your academic advisor and seek permission to register online. The academic advisor must enable the online registration for each student.
    • Log in.
    • Select WebAdvisor and Register for Courses.
    • A step-by-step guide is available here.
  • Registration through Student Planner

  • Following the registration, please review the accuracy of the class locations, times and dates to ensure that you have registered for the correct sections.

    Possible errors

    If there are any errors, check the error message. Some errors, such as scheduling two courses at the same time can be resolved by dropping one course. However, some errors cannot be resolved online and require assistance from your academic advisor, such as:

  • Prerequisite errors
  • Special permission courses
  • Exceeding maximum credits

Traditional In-Person

Complete the Course Registration form with your academic advisor’s signature and submit to the Registrar’s office.

Registration Holds

If you have a registration hold, you may not be able to register until the hold is removed by the initiating office. Registration holds may result from:

  • Unpaid tuition and fees balance on your student account. See the bursar’s office or call 203-576- 4568.
  • Judicial/disciplinary holds. See the Dean of Students office or call 203-576- 4392.
  • Health hold: See the Health office or call 203-576- 4712.
  • Academic Probation hold: See your academic advisor and/or program Dean.
  • Other holds: See the Office of the Registrar or call 203-576-4634.

After You Have Registered

  • Pay tuition and fees by the due date. A copy of your class schedule and estimate of tuition and fees can be obtained from Student Financial Services Account and Payments.
  • Attend classes beginning the first day of instruction. Note: you may be dropped if you do not attend the first class meeting without prior approval from the instructor.
  • Purchase your course materials. The bookstore’s contact information can be found here