Rules of Decorum

for Hearings in the Title IX and Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual Misconduct, and Retaliation Grievance Processes

  1. The Hearing Officer or the Hearing Panel Chair will ask questions at the beginning of the Hearing.
  2. The Advisor will direct each question to the Hearing Officer or Hearing Panel first and wait for a relevance determination before directing the question to the Party(ies) and Witness(es).
  3. Questions asked and answered with be deemed irrelevant.
  4. The Hearing Officer’s or Hearing Panel Chair’s ruling shall be final and all hearing participants shall abide thereby.
  5. Rules of common courtesy and decency shall be observed at all times.
  6. An Advisor may request clarification of hearing procedures at any time by addressing the Hearing Officer or Hearing Panel Chair’ after recognition.

Office of Civil Rights Compliance: Title IX and Equity

Dani Reicherts
Title IX and Equity Coordinator
Alden Minick
Associate Director of Title IX and Equity Compliance
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