Chapter One: Student Resources and Services

The following list, in alphabetical order, describes the services available to all of our students.


The Office of Student Accessibility Services (SAS) is committed to providing services to qualified students with documented disabilities so that they receive an equal educational opportunity. In compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act and Connecticut state laws, we provide reasonable accommodations to reduce the impact of disabilities on academic functioning or upon other life activities in the University setting. The University respects the student’s right to disclose or not to disclose a disability. However, the University is not responsible for providing services or accommodations for students who do not disclose a disability to the SAS in a timely fashion.

Each student is responsible for voluntarily contacting the SAS, a process which includes providing appropriate documentation validating the nature of the stated disability. All accommodations are determined on an individual basis. If students with disabilities would like to register for accommodations, they should initiate the request upon enrollment and at the beginning of each semester for which they are requesting services. It is strongly recommended that students complete the registration process before the second week of classes to facilitate the timely implementation of reasonable accommodations. Failure to do so may result in a delay or denial in providing the requested accommodation(s). Please note that accommodations are not retroactive and only begin once professors receive official notification of them.

Requests for reasonable accommodations must be supported by appropriate documentation that validates the need for these services based on the individual’s current level of functioning in the University setting. Therefore, it is in the student’s best interest to provide recent and appropriate documentation relevant to the student’s needs and programs. Students in need of certain academic accommodations must provide proper documentation of Psychological and/or Educational Testing and Assessment, or medical testing depending upon the disability and the need(s). This testing needs to be up-to-date (within the past 3 years in most cases). Because the University reserves the right to determine the nature and extent of appropriate accommodations after consultation with the student, SAS may request additional professional documentation as determined to be necessary or desirable. Accommodations are not available until after documentation of disability is reviewed.

A Summary of Performance (SOP), Individualized Education Program (IEP), and/or a 504 Plan alone are not considered adequate documentation. Documentation of disability should ordinarily include:

  • A clear statement of disability and/or diagnosis by a qualified professional with supportive testing or qualitative information.
  • Program or activity area(s) of impact and/or limitations.
  • Additional observations or recommendations which may assist in identifying reasonable accommodations.
  • Name, title, address, and phone number of certifying professional, as well as the date of diagnosis and/or evaluation.
  • Authorization to certifying professional(s) to discuss and disclose records and opinions to University employees or appropriate agents.

SAS strives to provide services and support that ensures an equal educational opportunity for all students. Our services aim to include not only the appropriate accommodations, but also the use of assistive technology, auxiliary aides, academic adjustments and supportive outreach that are essential for students’ educational success. After SAS and the student have agreed upon reasonable accommodation(s), the student will be given a Letter of Accommodations to present to their instructor(s).

In the event of a dispute, the University and student will attempt to engage in a process of discussion and negotiation in an effort to achieve mutual satisfaction with the reasonable accommodations. If a resolution cannot be reached, the student will be referred to the grievance procedures as described in Chapter Six.

Students with a disability, with or without mitigating measures or reasonable accommodations, must conform to University behavioral and academic core standards. The existence of a disability will not prevent the University from attempting to protect the health, safety and well-being of the student or of other community members.

The Office of SAS and Residential Life work collaboratively in order to provide appropriate housing accommodations for students with documented disabilities. SAS engages in an interactive process with each student and reviews requests for accommodations on an individualized, case-by-case basis. Once the student registers with SAS and appropriate accommodations are determined. SAS communicates the approved accommodations to Residential Life and Residential Life makes an assignment based on room availability.

Students are encouraged to visit Residential Life’s website at for additional information regarding housing and specific resident guides.

For more information about auxiliary aides, services, academic adjustments, and registration for accommodations, please visit the Office of SAS online at or contact the Office of Student Accessibility Services at 203‑576‑4454, email: For more information on our Policy on Service and Assistance Animals, please see Chapter 6 of the Key to UB.


The UB Bookstore is located on the garden level of Wahlstrom Library, and offers online textbook reservation for faster store pickup. There are extended bookstore hours during peak seasons. The bookstore carries residence hall supplies, clothing, and gift items, in addition to all the required textbooks, bringing a fresh look of UB branded apparel to show our UB pride.

For further information, please call 203‑576‑4804 or visit the UB Bookstore website at


The Bursar and Student Financial Services are responsible for the University’s Accounts Receivables. This includes issuing billing statements, providing student account information; processing payments for tuition, processing registration fees and miscellaneous campus charges, collecting delinquent accounts, delivering refunds, and disbursing financial aid awards. University of Bridgeport has an online payment option through the UB Portal. Students may pay their tuition bill using VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Discover Card.

Office hours

The Bursar’s Office is open Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m.‑5 p.m. and is located on the Garden Level of Wahlstrom Library. Contact the office at 203‑576‑4568 or for more information.


Through a special arrangement with Greater Bridgeport Transit (GBT), University of Bridgeport provides all current students with a free bus pass that allows unlimited rides on the GBT system. Stickers can be picked up at Campus Security between 8:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. Old and new bus stickers can both be used during the fall transition period from August 15 to September 15.

Passes give students free round-trip rides from campus to downtown Bridgeport or the Trumbull or Milford malls, the Dock Shopping Center, movie theaters, and anywhere the buses go. The student passes are good seven days a week and for an unlimited number of rides.

Bus schedules for all of GBT’s comprehensive routes are available at Campus Security or online at


University Campus Security Officers provide 24-hour patrol coverage. Although our Campus Security coordinates their activities with the City of Bridgeport Police Department, they are completely autonomous and separate from the Bridgeport Police Department. The Campus Security Office maintains a preventative patrol with uniformed officers on foot and bicycles marked with the Campus Security logo. The UB Campus Security Office keeps statistics concerning the on- campus occurrence of certain criminal offenses reported to Campus Security authorities, in compliance with the Student Right-To-Know, and Campus Security Act of 1990 and the Higher Education Amendment Act of 1992. These statistics are published annually in October for the three prior calendar years and are available to anyone.

While crime prevention is the primary concern of Campus Security, the department also coordinates emergency medical transportation, via vouchers, for cab service to and from a local emergency room. Security supervisors are trained in CPR, First Aid and AED. Other services available to students include ID cards, monitoring LiveSafe, and walking escorts on campus.

LiveSafe emergency and tip app

LiveSafe is the personal UB security and information phone application for all students, faculty and staff. It is available for Android and iPhone devices. LiveSafe allows the user to send tips and messages to Campus Security, share locations with friends or family, locate buildings on campus and access emergency services and preparedness information.

The information is easy to obtain directly from your hand-held device by scrolling through the information tabs provided and opening the tab to reach Campus Security while on campus or 911/police when off-campus. Other information available is the SafeWalk feature where the user can allow a family member or friend to follow you on the application to ensure the safe arrival to the destination of your choice. If you are looking for a specific building on campus, the LiveSafe application can give walking or driving directions from wherever you are to the university destination address you choose.

Emergency broadcast system

University of Bridgeport has established an Emergency Broadcast System through LiveSafe. LiveSafe will allow University of Bridgeport to transmit messages to users, informing them of an event that may have a direct impact on health or safety.

Procedures to report criminal activities on campus

The Campus Security Office urges the campus community to dial 203‑576‑4911 (4911 from any campus telephone) or to use the LiveSafe app to report anything that requires immediate department attention. In the event you witness a crime, or are a victim of criminal activity, report the incident as soon as possible to Campus Security. Dial 203‑576‑4911 from a phone or activate the LiveSafe app to report criminal activity, fires, injuries, accidents, and incidents of suspicious persons or activity. Residential students should also contact their Resident Assistant or Resident Director.

RED Emergency phones, located in buildings throughout campus, are connected directly to the Campus Security Office and require no dialing; just lift the phone from the cradle and wait for the dispatcher to answer. The following are the locations of the “red emergency phones”:

  • Arnold Bernhard Center, basement, 2nd, 6th and 8th floors near elevator lobby
  • School of Chiropractic, 1st floor, west end, outside room 106
  • Charles Dana Hall of Science, 1st floor, outside room 159 and inside Chemistry Lab room 124
  • Engineering and Technology, 1st floor, east hall
  • Eleanor Dana Hall, main hall, outside room 102
  • John Cox Student Center, main lobby
  • Hubbell Gymnasium, main floor, south side
  • Marina Dining Hall, west side by main entrance
  • Wheeler Recreation Center, in pool area, outside of the director’s office

There are also various emergency phone lines that go directly to Campus Security in the following areas:

  • Arnold Bernhard Center- all elevator cars
  • Barnum Hall-outside main entrance
  • Carlson Hall- elevator car
  • Chaffee Hall- outside main entrance
  • Cooper Hall-outside main entrance
  • Charles Dana Hall of Science-elevator car
  • Seeley Hall-outside main entrance
  • Wahlstrom Library-lobby & all four elevator cars
  • Health Sciences Center-outside main entrance and elevator cars


As a part of the Heckman Center, Career Development assists students with obtaining marketable skills and experience that provide a competitive edge during the transition from campus to career. Individual appointments are scheduled daily, as well as weekly resume review hours. Assistance with career decision making, career assessment, major choice, resume preparation, job and internship search strategies, graduate school applications, and interview techniques are among the many services provided. Virtual appointments are also available for our online students, or those studying at our Waterbury Campus. Students seeking internships or job opportunities (both off-campus and on) are encouraged to utilize Handshake, University of Bridgeport’s online Job Portal. The Career Development Office also sponsors a variety of skill development sessions, career fairs, and campus recruiting events throughout the year. Visit our website to schedule an appointment and learn more!


The Office of Civic Engagement is dedicated to engaging students in civic action, providing voter education material and programming, centralizing resources and communicating community partnership opportunities. This office serves as a catalyst for students, staff, faculty, and administrators to connect with, build, and sustain meaningful service initiatives in the greater Bridgeport area. The OCE is located in the Heckman Center on the second floor of the Wahlstrom Library and can be reached at 475‑422‑1065 or at


Volunteer Projects and Activities: The Office of Civic Engagement connects and supports individual students with direct service opportunities, coordinates small groups, and facilitates campus wide service projects. Visit UB’s GivePulse page to learn more about upcoming service projects and civic events.

Community Work Study Program: Students with federal work study are eligible to be placed with an off-campus community partner where they will gain work experience in an office setting, provide program and operational support, or directly work with youth programs. Positions are posted on Handshake throughout the academic year.

Voter Registration and Education: The OCE assists students with the registration process and provides nonpartisan educational programming.


Counseling Services

Counseling Services offers a supportive, confidential setting for students to talk about their personal concerns regarding college life or life in general. All services are designed to enhance our students’ ability to fully benefit from the University environment and academic experience. Services for enrolled undergraduate and graduate students include short-term individual counseling, group counseling, crisis intervention, outreach workshops, and in-class/on-campus presentations, as well as staff/faculty mental health trainings. Counseling Services does NOT provide screenings/assessments for psychiatric medication or medication management services. Counseling services also does not provide court-ordered treatment. Referrals to treatment providers in the community are made as needed. For students who receive psychiatric medications, it is often beneficial to maintain relationships with a current provider when joining the University of Bridgeport community. Counseling Services may be reached at 203‑576‑4454 or to make an appointment. Please allow reasonable time to respond to appointment inquiries.

We understand the protective value of mental health treatment in assisting students with the successful completion of any academic program. Counseling Services remains committed to providing high quality, accessible, culturally-sensitive mental health treatment and is responsive and sensitive to the needs of a highly diverse student population. Counseling Services reserves the right to refer out any student for treatment who requires more resources than can be provided by the University. Sessions are provided year round, in person or via telehealth to all currently enrolled students.

Counseling related emergencies

During Counseling Services office hours, emergencies are handled immediately. Please call Counseling Services at 203‑576‑4454. If appropriate, an ambulance may be called to transport a student to a local emergency room. If a student resides off campus, call 911. In the event that a crisis occurs after hours on campus, please contact UB campus security 203‑576‑4911, or assigned Residential Advisor.


Counseling Services is located on the 2nd floor of Carstensen Hall, 174 University Avenue, and is open Monday through Friday; 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. throughout the academic year. Last sessions are done at 4 p.m. Visit our webpage, for extensive information about Counseling Services. Available on-call staff is offered to Staff/Faculty, Residential life, and security office if crisis intervention is deemed necessary.

Substance abuse referral

Counseling Services can assist students in need of help for substance abuse. If an individual needs help and wants to access treatment independently, they may refer to the list of off-campus providers on the Counseling Services website.

On-campus resources

  • University of Bridgeport Counseling Services, Carstensen Hall, 203-576-4454
  • University of Bridgeport Student Health Services, Health Sciences Center, 203-576-4712
  • Campus Security Office 203-576-4913

Off-campus providers

  • 2-1-1 Info-line: dial 211 or visit
  • Southwest Community Health Center (Greater Bridgeport Community Mental Health) 203-330-6000 or visit
  • Suicide Prevention Hotline - CALL 988
  • Crisis Text Line (741741) FREE 24/7 SUPPORT
  • Dial for other Emergencies 911


Sodexo Dining Services and University of Bridgeport offer flexible meal plan choices for resident students as part of the Easy Living Plan.

Marina Dining Hall is the main dining location on campus serving a variety of hot entrées, including vegan and vegetarian options, a salad bar, deli bar, and an ice cream bar, as well as many options for international food.

Located on the 1st floor of Wahlstrom Library, Café Scribe offers a variety of prepared sandwiches, coffee/tea, soft drinks, juices, and light food choices. Students can purchase items at Café Scribe with cash, credit cards, or dining dollars.

Our commuter meal plans, “UB on the Go,” are also available for nonresident students and for graduate students. For more details on meal plans and other useful information please visit us at or call 203‑576‑4086.


All students are required to have a email account. UB email accounts are free and are the official means of communication for the University community. To sign-up for your account, go to, click on “new account,” and follow the simple directions. Student accounts will be activated within 24 hours of registration.


In the event of a weather-related delay and/or closing of the University, the Office of the Provost advises that information will be available on the following:

  1. LiveSafe App: Please download the LiveSafe app and join University of Bridgeport to receive important safety and emergency updates.
  2. Website: Go to to see weather-related messages in the green banner across the homepage.
  3. Portal:, click on “login,” then “My UB Portal.” Look for updates under “Announcements.”

Emergency notifications on social media

When an emergency occurs on campus, monitor the UB website, portal, and UB social media. To ensure that the proper information is disseminated to the University community, it is important that faculty/staff/students refrain from posting emergency information on social media that do not mirror the information provided through the official University outlets, including but not limited to, weather events, campus emergencies, closures, and delays.


Located in the Library on the Garden Level, Financial Aid Officers answer questions regarding types and availability of scholarships, loans and other funding resources. Financial assistance is available to University students including scholarships, grants, loans, and employment opportunities. These are awarded individually or in combination to those students who show evidence of financial need and education promise. Additional information may be obtained from the Financial Aid staff or by referring to the UB Catalog under the section “Financial Aid and Financial Services.”

To be considered for federal financial aid, each undergraduate domestic student must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). It should be filed at and submitted prior to March 1 for the forthcoming academic year. All students must file for financial aid each year and must maintain satisfactory academic progress toward their academic degree(s). For more information, please contact the Financial Aid Office, located in the Garden Level of the Wahlstrom Library, 203‑576‑4568 or .


Student Health Services provides student health care for common medical illnesses and injuries, follow-up care, and referrals for ongoing health problems. Student Health Services is located in Room 119, 60 Lafayette Street, and is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Each student accepted to University of Bridgeport, with the exception of Distance Learning Students, must file the appropriate health form located on Health Forms must be completed in full and signed by a physician. Particular attention should be paid to the section pertaining to one’s immunization history. The content of the student’s health record is confidential and is not incorporated into the college record. The phone number to make an appointment is 203‑576‑4712.

Medical or psychological emergencies

In the event of a medical or psychological emergency after hours, students should call their Residence Hall Staff and/or Campus Security at 203‑576‑4911. If appropriate, an ambulance will be called to transport the student to a local emergency room. If a student independently goes to the emergency room, the student should notify Campus Security as soon as possible. Campus Security will notify Student Health Services or Student Counseling Services, as appropriate. Students are required to promptly follow up with Student Health Services 203‑576‑4712 or Student Counseling Services 203‑576‑4454 no later than 48 hours after treatment at an emergency room or release from a hospital.

Hepatitis B notification and advisement

Hepatitis B is a serious and potentially life-threatening illness that is spread by direct contact and is caused by a highly contagious virus that infects the liver. It affects all age groups and can lead to liver disease, liver cancer, and death in many of those afflicted. Hepatitis B is a preventable illness. The American College Health Association, Connecticut State and Local Health Departments, and the Centers for Disease Control highly advise that all college students be vaccinated against the Hepatitis B virus to protect themselves. The Hepatitis B vaccine is one of the safest available and has been used since 1981. It is the best and most effective protection.

Students are strongly advised to obtain the Hepatitis B vaccination; the process involves three shots over a period of months and it is recommended the series commence before arriving on campus. UB is required by Public Health Statute Public Act 04-221, Sec. 20, to provide: (1) information about Hepatitis B and the risks of contracting Hepatitis B by college-age individuals to all matriculated students, and (2) notice of the availability and benefits of a Hepatitis B vaccine. For more information concerning Hepatitis B vaccine, please contact the Director of Student Health Services at . More information on Hepatitis B can be found on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website:

Student health insurance

Full-time undergraduate students, Physician Assistant students, and all students living in campus housing are required to participate and are automatically enrolled in the Injury and Sickness Plan at registration and charges are added to their account, unless proof of comparable coverage is provided by completing an online waiver. The deadline to waive and/or enroll in the plan for the annual term is September 15 and February 15 for new students entering spring semester. Students in the School for Professional Studies, domestic part-time students (enrolled in 7-11 credits), and domestic graduate students (enrolled in 6 or more credits but not living in campus housing) are not automatically enrolled, but may participate in the Injury and Sickness Plan on a voluntary basis. Distance Learning students are not eligible to participate in the plan. Please visit the Health Services website for more information under Student Health Insurance. Please visit the Health Services website for more information under Student Health Insurance.

Students who are not required to carry the mandatory insurance may be eligible to enroll on a voluntary basis. For questions about health coverage, please contact UB Student Health Services at 203‑576‑4712, or University Health Plans at 1‑800‑437‑6448. Additional information can be found at or by emailing . Additional health requirements for Clinical Health Sciences students are also listed on this form.

Student Health Services communicable disease protocol

The University has protocols in place in the event of a communicable disease occurring within the campus community. These protocols meet the mandates of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the State and, local Health Departments. The Director of Student Health Services shall be notified about all known acute and suspected cases of communicable diseases involving any member of the University of Bridgeport community (students, faculty, staff, guests, and contractors).

Vaccination and PPD requirements

The Health Examination Forms and Immunization requirements can be found on


Connecticut law requires that all college students born on or after January 1, 1957, submit documentation of two separate measles, mumps, and rubella vaccines.

MMR (Measles Mumps Rubella)

  • First dose given on or after 12 months of age and given on or after 1969.
  • Second dose given on or after January 1, 1980. History of having had Measles is not acceptable documentation of immunity.
  • Laboratory evidence (Blood Test) of immunity is acceptable in lieu of administered vaccine, but students must provide proof of immunity with a laboratory slip.

Varicella (Chickenpox) vaccine

  • Two vaccines (12 weeks apart if vaccinated between 1 and 12 years of age and at least 4 weeks apart if vaccinated at age 13 years or older).
  • Laboratory evidence (Blood Test) proving immunity is acceptable in lieu of administered vaccine, but students must provide proof of immunity with the laboratory slip
  • A documented history of having had the disease by a medical doctor or public health department is acceptable documentation.
  • Students born in the United States before 1980 are exempt.

Tuberculosis testing or IGRA

  • If the test is positive, a chest x-ray is required; history of having the BCG vaccine is not considered a contraindication. In addition, a letter from an MD regarding prophylaxis for TB should be submitted.
  • Any student who spends three or more months in a country outside the United States should be tested for Tuberculosis.
  • A TB Risk Assessment indicating no risk can be submitted in lieu of the PPD or IGRA. This assessment is located on

Meningitis vaccination (A, C, Y, W-135)

  • Connecticut law mandates all students who reside in on-campus housing provide certified proof of having received a Meningitis Vaccine (A, C Y, W-135). The University requires a Meningitis vaccine within the past 5 years for incoming students who will be residing in campus housing.
  • If it is medically contraindicated for the student to receive the Meningitis Vaccination, the student must present a signed certificate from a physician stating that, in the opinion of the physician, vaccination with meningococcal vaccine is contraindicated because of the physical condition of the student.

Students registering at University of Bridgeport are required to provide proof of immunization and tuberculosis testing prior to registration. A fee will be charged to administer the vaccines and tests are available in Student Health Services.

Communicable Disease Policy

Communicable diseases can potentially threaten the health of the campus community as an epidemic. The Director of Student Health Services shall be notified about all known acute and suspected cases of communicable diseases involving any member of the University of Bridgeport community including students, faculty, or staff, guests, and contractors.

The University has protocols in place in the event of a communicable disease occurring within the campus community. These protocols meet the mandates of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the State and local Health Departments.


  1. After receiving this information, the Director of Student Health Services will convey only the information as necessary to:

    • Dean of Students, or designee
    • Cabinet
    • Executive Director of Security
    • Director of Human Resources
    • Director of Housing and Residential Life
  2. The Director of Student Health Services will work with the local and State Health Departments to obtain the latest recommendations regarding the management and prevention of the spread of the specific infectious disease, requesting appropriate vaccines and/or medications, as well as requesting additional professional and clerical assistance, if deemed necessary. The Public Health Departments will be asked to assist Student Health Services staff with surveillance and outbreak containment measures, including administration of appropriate vaccines and medications.

    All available health professionals will monitor the index cases, look for linked cases, and provide appropriate diagnostic, prophylactic, and therapeutic measures to the affected individual(s). Although the route of transmission and degree of infection varies depending on the specific infectious disease, individuals with the following relationships to the index case will be educated if necessary about the disease in question to the extent possible respecting confidentiality. This may include but is not limited to roommates, classmates, and co-workers.

    Students, faculty, and staff will be told to report any signs and symptoms of illness to their private physician or to professionals at Student Health Services, where they can be seen to receive a confidential medical consultation, appropriate prophylaxis, treatment, and/or referral to community health organizations, as medically indicated.

  3. Facilities will be contacted to sanitize and disinfect areas as appropriate in order to help prevent the spread of illness as recommended by CDC or other Public Health Guidelines

  4. The Director of Student Health Services will work with the Office of Marketing & Communicationsto provide medical information concerning the communicable disease to the media, students, staff, and family members. When appropriate, the Director will prepare a letter to the University community and parents of students to inform them of the following: signs and symptoms, clues to early recognition, who is at risk, prophylactic measures including vaccination when appropriate, treatment procedures, and local sources for referral (Student Health Services, public health clinics, hospital emergency rooms, private offices, etc.).

  5. The staff of the Office of Human Resources will coordinate efforts with the Department supervisors and the Student Health Services staff to identify employees who have reported signs and symptoms of the disease or may have been exposed to the infectious agent. Working with the staff of the Student Health Services, the Office of Human Resources will assist these employees on how they may obtain treatment or prevention (if appropriate).

  6. The Director of Housing and Residential Life will immediately notify the Director of Student Health Services or their designee, if any student living in University Housing has signs or symptoms suggestive of one of the above communicable diseases. These students will be seen at Student Health Services. In case of emergency, University Security is to be called.

    The staff of Residential Life will work with the staff of Student Health Services to identify and educate all students at risk for contracting the communicable disease. They will also assist the staff of Student Health Services by working with all affected resident students in their compliance with the treatment and prophylactic directives, including isolation housing arrangements, if medically indicated.

  7. The Office of the Provost, or the appropriate Dean, will notify the Director of Student Health Services, or their designee of any known cases of faculty member(s) who have contracted a communicable disease or have potentially been exposed to the infectious agent(s). They will work with Student Health Services and the Office of Human Resources to ensure that faculty will receive appropriate treatment and/or prophylaxis, as well as follow up care prior to returning to the workplace.

  8. Campus Security is to be contacted for all emergency cases involving students, faculty, staff, and/or visitors.

  9. The Director of Athletics or their designee, will notify Student Health Services if any student athlete has, or is suspected of having, any of the above communicable diseases. The Department will assist Student Health Services medical staff by working with the affected student athletes in their compliance with all treatment and prophylaxis directives.

  10. Person with diagnosis of one of the communicable diseases:

    Before returning to work or school, members of the University of Bridgeport community who have been diagnosed as having a communicable disease or are waiting to rule out a potentially infectious listed above MUST receive a letter from their physician or primary care provider documenting that they are medically cleared (i.e., is no longer infectious to others) and is therefore able to return to school or work as of a specified date. Depending on the illness, students or staff may be isolated or asked to remain off campus until medical clearance is obtained. This information should be presented to Student Health Services (for students) and the Office of Human Resources (for employees) where such records will be filed and kept confidential.


After submitting your photo via MyPhotoID, a student ID can be obtained at the Campus Security Office. Please note this process can take up to 48 hours after approval. This student ID has multiple purposes: as a proximity card to access academic buildings and the residence hall in which students reside, as a library card, and for access to a meal plan (if one has been purchased). The ID card also helps to establish a student’s presence on UB property, and students are required to present the ID to campus security or residential life staff if requested to do so. Accordingly, students are required to keep their ID cards with them whenever they are on campus and outside of their residence hall rooms. If a student loses their ID card, they must contact Campus Security immediately so it’s ability to access campus buildings and the meal plan (which must be deactivated by Marina Dining Hall) can be deactivated. This will prevent anyone else from using the card. A new card will be issued at a non-refundable cost.


The goal of the International Center for Students and Scholars (IC) is to ensure institutional compliance with federal regulations and to assist international students and scholars, their dependents, and prospective students with immigration matters and adjustment to life in the United States. IC strives to facilitate an environment where students can develop a clear understanding of their immigration status requirements that will support the pursuance of their degree programs. They also provide information on a wide range of topics including maintaining status, travel, employment eligibility, social and cultural differences, and personal concerns.

Located in the Wahlstrom Library, Garden Level, Room 133, the International Center for Students and Scholars facilitates the acclimation of our international students and exchange visitors by offering Coffee Hours, and organizing International Festival and International Education Week in collaboration with other offices. Information and workshops related to immigration and employment issues are provided on a regular basis. We promote and schedule free VITA tax advising offered by the Ernest C. Trefz School of Business for international students and scholars each spring semester.

Upon arrival on campus, all new international students and scholars report to IC for passport check- in. Mandatory personal safety and online immigration information sessions are also required for all international students.

Please visit the IC website at for more detailed information, applications and general assistance. Individual appointments with an International Student Advisor can be made by calling the office at 203‑576‑4395. They may also be reached by fax at 203‑576‑4461 and e-mail at .


The lost and found is located at the main office of Campus Security. If a student comes into possession of a lost item, they should immediately bring it to Campus Security for safekeeping and documentation. Lost items are held by Campus Security for 30 days before they are donated or discarded.


The Print and Mail Center (PMC) receives/processes all incoming mail and packages for University of Bridgeport and provides mail/shipping guidance as well as shipping materials for students, faculty and staff. It is located at 225 Myrtle Ave in the Mandeville Annex, and can be reached at 203‑576‑4012. The hours are Monday‑Friday 12‑4 p.m.

  1. How do students get packages and mail?

    An email notification is sent to students as soon as packages are assigned to them. This occurs within 1‑2 hours from when a package has been delivered to us.

    To retrieve packages, students must come to UB PMC, present their UB ID card and indicate which residence hall or off-campus location they reside in.

    The UB ID card is the only accepted form of identification to retrieve packages. Students must sign for their package and list their UB ID number on the signature pad.

    To protect students’ privacy, information about packages will only be released to the package addressee.

    Packages not picked up within 7 days, are returned to sender. Any expenses incurred through the return are the students’ responsibility.

    To request domestic forwarding of packages: send an email to with the following information: full name, UB ID number, email address, phone number, package tracking number, and mailing address to which the package is to be forwarded to. If the package was not originally shipped using US Post Office (USPS) then a prepaid shipping label must be included.

    All incoming letter mail for students residing in residential halls is processed by the Office of Housing and Residential Life at Seeley Hall (rear entrance) and then delivered to the respective residence halls’ mailboxes. For students living off-campus. For students living off-campus, the mail room does not accept untrackable letter mail. Any such mail that arrives at our location is returned to sender without notice.

  2. What address to use when purchasing something to be delivered (i.e. a package?)

    When ordering items, address information must follow postal standards (see sample below). The students’ full name must be listed on the package. Any packages with incomplete names or information will be returned to sender and any expenses incurred through the return are the students’ responsibility. Carriers deliver to our facility daily. After a safety check, packages are processed and then stored at our location for pick up.

    Sample Student Name
    Residence Hall, Room #
    Residence Hall Address
    Bridgeport, CT 06604

    For students living off campus, packages are best shipped to your own address. However, you may alternatively have them shipped to our location by using our address. Your full name must be listed on each package. We can only accept packages for current UB students, faculty or staff.

  3. How do students mail or ship something?

    Packages and letter mail may be dropped off at our location as long as each item is fully labeled and postage is affixed. A shipping station is available at our location that provides online access to UPS, USPS and other carriers. From this station, shipments can be prepared, paid for, and labels printed. Free generic and some carrier shipping materials are also available. We hold no responsibility for packages dropped off at our location. All questions about shipped packages must be directed to the carriers. Expected carrier pick-up schedule is listed below. These times are not guaranteed as they are regulated by the carrier(s). Packages received after these times will go out the following business day.

    USPS 10 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.
    UPS 10 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.
    FedEx 9:15 a.m. (but dependent on delivery volume)
    DHL 10 a.m.

  4. Where to purchase stamps and mailing supplies?

    Stamps and mailing supplies may be purchased at the bookstore located in the John J. Cox Student Center.


Multicultural Affairs offers co-curricular and extracurricular educational programs, resources, training and services that foster a positive climate for diversity. This office is committed to the success of all students who face challenges to college attainment in order to improve the retention of underrepresented students. Students considered historically or traditionally “underrepresented” in higher education include first generation, low income, BIPOC (both domestic and international), members of some religious or spiritual backgrounds, and members of the LGBTQ+ community. Through engaging with Multicultural Affairs, all students, staff and faculty can learn and apply skills, knowledge, and awareness to prepare them to be leaders in a globally diverse community and workforce.

Greek life

Multicultural Affairs, in collaboration with Student Involvement, provides advisement and oversight of Greek-letter student orgs. UB is proud to offer Greek Letter Organizations as part of its vibrant student life on campus. Choosing membership in a fraternity or sorority not only enriches the collegiate experience and helps students connect to campus, but it can also be a bond which lasts a lifetime.

Greek organizations, while each unique, all have core values including academic excellence, leadership, personal growth, service to others, as well as brotherhood and sisterhood. Greek organizations host a variety of events on campus including educational workshops, cultural events, performances, and community service activities. Knightlife features for the currently active registered fraternities and sororities.

Center for Religious and Spiritual Development

Multicultural Affairs also provides advisement, programs, and services to support the religious and spiritual needs of the UB community. The Center maintains a network of contacts and liaisons within local faith communities. Those contacts offer a variety of social and educational programs which enable students, faculty, and staff to enhance and nurture their religious and spiritual lives. Staff is available to all students, regardless of religious or spiritual identity, and will make appropriate referrals to resources in the greater community as requested. Contact the office of Multicultural Affairs for more information: .


The Wheeler Recreation Center provides students, faculty, staff, and the greater Bridgeport community with recreational and fitness opportunities that are geared to increase an individual’s overall health and well-being. Separate locker rooms are provided for men and women with saunas, and a co-ed steam room located on the pool deck. The Recreation Center offers a variety of recreational programming consisting of intramural sports and wellness programs.

Facilities include:

  • three multipurpose courts for activities such as volleyball, tennis, co-ed soccer, cricket, and basketball
  • weight room
  • racquetball court
  • cardio room

UB’s Wheeler Recreation Center offers co-ed intramural sports including basketball, soccer, table tennis, cornhole, volleyball, flag football and dodgeball. Fitness class programming includes Zumba, MixxedFit, Yoga and Cross Fit Training. All classes are taught by certified instructors.

UB Campus Recreation has also taken over “The Alley,” the eight-lane bowling alley that opened in 2019 located in the John J. Cox Student Center. There is open play time at “The Alley” throughout the week for students and staff, in addition to tournaments hosted by Campus Recreation.


The Office of the Registrar handles requests for course registrations, transcripts, processing of FERPA release forms, changes in enrollment, student enrollment verifications, change of name and address, diplomas, and maintenance of undergraduate student academic files. The office works with faculty and academic advisors to support students in their pursuit of their higher education objectives. All Registrar Office forms are accessible from the UB Portal forms library or the website. The office can be reached at 203‑576‑4634 or by email . The Office of the Registrar is located in the Wahlstrom Library, Garden Level - Room G118.


The Office of Student Employment houses opportunities for students at the University to learn about the work environment while obtaining a degree. A Work Authorization form must be completed every semester (even if a student has worked a previous semester) and certain requirements must be met each semester before being eligible to work on campus. The requirements and other information can be found in the myUB portal under Student Services, Student Employment. For further information on these services, please visit the office on the Garden Level of Wahlstrom Library G119, or contact 203‑576‑4841 or email .


The Student Support Services Program (SSS), funded by the Federal TRIO Programs, is designed to identify and provide services to a selective group of college students who meet eligibility criteria. All of our services are available at no cost with the intent of assisting students in accomplishing their goal of graduating from UB.

Student Support Services at UB offers the following:

  • Academic Assistance to help students develop a plan to achieve their individual academic needs and goals.
  • Personal Advising to identify the options and resources available to help students resolve issues and reduce stress.
  • Access to the Learning Center located on the 2nd floor of Wahlstrom Library in the Student Support Services office. The Learning Center provides a quiet place to study, as well as computers specifically for SSS student use. All tutoring for SSS students also takes place in the Learning Center.
  • Career Planning to work with students to investigate career options and to design a strategy for realizing their career goals.
  • One-on-One and Small Group Tutoring for writing, mathematics, chemistry, biology, and other subjects.
  • Peer Mentor Program pairs first year and new transfer students with upperclassmen who provide support and guidance that promotes social and academic success.
  • Workshops and Seminars on topics such as note taking, time management, developing good study habits, overcoming test anxiety, stress management, learning styles, financial literacy, career planning, and applying to graduate schools are provided throughout the semester.
  • Financial Aid Guidance to educate students about their financial aid options, the process of applying for financial aid, and their responsibilities.
  • Cultural Enrichment engages our students in activities and trips, both on and off campus, that broaden students’ perspectives on culture, art, education, and more.
  • SSS Computer Lab provides SSS participants with a quiet space to do research and type assignments.

Contact us at to set up an advising session or to learn more about our program.

Office location

Academic Advising Center
Wahlstrom Library, 2nd Floor
126 Park Ave
Bridgeport, CT 06604

Phone - 203-576-4186
Email -


Office hours - Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m.


The Tutoring and Learning Center (TLC) offers a variety of academic services to support undergraduate and graduate classroom instruction and to provide academic help to our students through tutoring, workshops, study groups, and supplemental instruction. The TLC helps students develop effective study strategies and critical thinking skills, preparing them to be successful and active learners. All tutoring services are free to registered students.

Tutoring services are offered in multiple locations and modalities, ensuring that all students can access services at a time and place that works for them. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) tutors work out of a center located in Charles Dana Hall, Room 16-18. Students may drop-in or make appointments to work with qualified peer tutors in-person by using our scheduling software, ConexED. For assistance with STEM tutoring, call 203‑576‑4256.

Writing tutors, Business tutors, and Supplemental Instruction Leaders work out of a center located in The Heckman Center, located on the second floor of Wahlstrom Library. Students may make appointments by using our scheduling software, ConexED. Students are also welcome to drop-in as well; however, we cannot guarantee that a tutor will be available. For more assistance, please email .

In addition to our on-campus offerings, UB also offers students a convenient online tutoring option. Brainfuse online tutoring platform provides academic assistance in several disciplines, including math, business, writing, natural science, and more. Students can access Brainfuse through a link in the navigation panel of every Canvas course. All Brainfuse tutors are professionals with degrees in their respective areas. Brainfuse also offers extended hours 24 hours a day. To log in, students only need their UB single sign-on password.


The University provides financial counseling for all veterans. Veterans must see a VA Certifying Official in the Student Financial Services (SFS) Office, located in the Wahlstrom Library, Garden Level, each semester to confirm eligibility. Objectives or courses pursued by a veteran may not be changed unless official approval has been granted by the Veterans Administration. A veteran planning to change their objective must report to the University Veterans Office before taking action. Further information about educational benefits and financial information may be obtained by contacting the Veterans Office/SFS Office at 203‑576‑4568, or .

A Veterans’ Oasis is located in Wahlstrom Library room 503. The Oasis helps ensure veterans, service members and families receive the resources, support, and advocacy they need to succeed in the transition to life after military service. The Oasis features a study space, a computer, and an open lounge where veterans can relax, network, study, and socialize.


The 1st, 3rd and 4th floors of the Wahlstrom Library building make up the Wahlstrom Library. Team collaboration rooms, located on the 1st and 4th floors, can be reserved from the library website or at the Information Desk. Photocopying, printing and scanning are available and printing can be done from any of our 80 computers available on the 1st and 3rd floors or a personal device. Citation software such as EndNote can be found on 1st floor computers. Graphic software, such as the Adobe suite of products, can be found on the 3rd floor computers.

Although the print book collection is no longer kept up to date, 150,000 books are still available on the 3rd floor and more than 250,000 ebooks are available online. Although the print journal collection is no longer kept up to date, a few print journal titles are still available on the 4th floor and several million articles are available in the Digital Library, OneSearch at Degreed Librarians are available for one on one consultations on the 3rd floor, via phone, email or online at in the bottom right corner Chat software. Call 203‑576‑4747, email or use the chat feature to learn how the librarians can help you with research or using the Digital Library advanced features. If you also just want an introduction to UB’s resources, just let us know.

University of Bridgeport is committed to providing a place for quiet study, discussion and academic collaboration. Repeat warnings by Library staff for inappropriate behavior will lead to the suspension of Library privileges and possible further action under the Student Code of Community Standards if the offending individual is a student of the university. If the offending individual is not a student of the University, repeated offenses may result in the denial of access to Wahlstrom Library or the grounds of the University as a whole.

Revised 8/26/22