A woman earning an educational administration certificate and doctor of education in ct

Doctor of Education Degree

The Education Leadership Doctoral Program at the University of Bridgeport is the first of its kind in Connecticut, approved by the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE) in 1980. The program is designed to enhance and improve the effectiveness of public and private organization leaders, school administrators, and researchers. UB is the perfect place to earn your Doctor of Education in CT.

Graduates and current students have held and hold significant positions in state-wide school systems, for-profit, non-profit institutions, colleges, and universities. The advanced graduate curriculum integrates the sound principles of administration, management, organizational psychology, information technology, program evaluation, quantitative, qualitative, action, and mixed research methodologies.

The program is specifically designed for working professionals offered on a part through full-time basis (6 credits is considered full time) at the U.B. Campus. Under advisement, students can take elective courses online or if they are perusing their 092 applicable coursework at the Stamford or Waterbury campuses. All courses and seminars are conveniently scheduled around the job of the working professional. The successful completion of the program leads to the Doctor of Education degree (Ed.D.).

The Doctoral Program takes into consideration the needs of such personnel in terms of both the content of the curriculum, orientation, and program organization. Core classes are offered at the University of Bridgeport campus, which is easily accessible from Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts by car, train, or ferry. Elective classes are also offered in Stamford, Waterbury and online.

The program typically takes four years for the 62 credit requirement or three years for the 42 credit option. The 62 credit option typically includes three years of formal study, and a minimum of one year to complete the dissertation. Students with Sixth-year degree in Education Leadership or Administration can apply for the 42 credit option which reduces time to graduate. During the first two years (Fall & Spring), students usually take a research seminar and two leadership courses. Classes are arranged so full-time students taking on ground classes typically come to campus no more than 2 evening per week. Students take online classes during the first two summers as part of the residency requirement and some courses can be taken as distance learning during fall and spring terms in the program under advisement.


Office of Admissions
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Learning Outcomes

The candidates will be able to:

  1. Integrate principles of administration, management, organization, and program evaluation in a research agenda
  2. Produce a dissertation proposal that reflects a student’s research interests
  3. Exhibit the mastery of principles of leadership and be able to pass the comprehensive examination questions
  4. Research, write and defend a doctoral dissertation