Hybrid Online Ed.D. Courses

The Ed.D. courses can be fulfilled by completing 62 credits in the following strands: educational leadership, research and analysis, international education, and dissertation. Information is provided below. Full-time students may complete this option in as little as 3.5 years, fast-tracking their career advancement.

Students have the option to pursue their 092 and Ed.D. simultaneously by taking 4 additional credits for a total of 66 credits. This option must be considered when admitted into the program.

Students who have completed an accredited Sixth-Year or Education Specialist post-Master’s degree can complete the Ed.D. program with as few as 42 credits.

Educational Leadership Strand (29 Credits)

EDLD 603Introduction to Leadership
EDLD 623Evaluation of Educational Organizations
EDLD 653Curriculum Review & Design
EDLD 801Curricula Theory
EDLD 804Constitutional Law
EDLD 805Grant Writing
EDLD 806Policy
EDLD 807Organization Management
EDLD 808Program Evaluation
EDLD 817Postsecondary Teaching (Leadership Internship)
EDLD 825Doctoral Residency

Research and Analysis Strand (9 Credits)

EDLD 811Introduction to Qualitative, Quantitative, & Mixed Methods Research
EDLD 812Quantitative Research
EDLD 814Qualitative Research

Dissertation Preparation Strand (12 Credits)

EDLD 813Literature Review
EDLD 813ALiterature Theory
EDLD 845Dissertation: Comprehensive Examinations
EDLD 846Dissertation: Proposal Defense
EDLD 850Continuous Dissertation

International Education Specialization (12 Credits)

EDLD 830International Education Concepts & Theories
EDLD 820Ethical Issues in International Education
EDLD 840Comparative Education
EDLD 842Culture, Society, and Education in International Contexts

Additional Requirements

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