Summary of Milestones

A summary of steps, not necessarily ordered, through which a student will proceed, is as follows:

  • Admission to the Ph.D. program of Technology Management;
  • Completing prerequisites, if needed;
  • Completing the course work requirement for the Ph.D.;
  • Passing the written comprehensive examination;
  • Admission to ‘Candidacy’;
  • Selection of a dissertation advisor;
  • Writing a dissertation proposal and its oral defense;
  • Formation of the dissertation committee;
  • Approval of the dissertation by the dissertation committee;
  • Successful completion of the dissertation defense;
  • Submission of completed and approved dissertation to the School of Engineering;
  • Graduation with a Ph.D. degree in Technology Management.

Institutional Outcomes

  • Increase in instruction quality and support.
  • Increase in research funding opportunities.
  • Increase in student enrollment.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Familiarity with principles of new venture creation, entrepreneurship, corporate venturing, innovation, and related issues including management, finance, legal issues, new product development, and product commercialization.
  • Familiarity with advanced concepts of methodologies in technology management.
  • Possessing a strong background in one or more engineering and technology area offered in the Ph.D. program.
  • Possessing a strong background in implementing new technology based businesses and ventures.
  • Being able to critically analyze problems and evaluate the benefits of alternative solutions in new technology-based international opportunities and corporate ventures.
  • Being able to work in a development team to address specific issues and problems.
  • Being able to interact and communicate both verbally and in writing with people whose expertise is in different domains and who are located across the globe.
    Being able to effectively teach in a higher education institution.
  • Being able to write quality research papers for inclusion in prominent journals, and research proposals for submission to funding agencies.
  • Being prepared to become a future leader, professional, academic and researcher with interdisciplinary skills, to join the faculty of leading academic institutions or take high level research, consulting and management positions in industry, non-profit organizations, government or start their own ventures.

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