Internships and Careers

UB Music and Performing Arts students are encouraged to pursue credit-bearing internships and have had experiences in arts administration, music business, community music, music education, creative arts therapy, technical theatre, and performance at a variety of organizations in Connecticut and the New York City metropolitan area.

By majoring in music at UB, students will:

  • Develop a strong foundation in the theory and history of music
  • Select one or more musical concentrations — performance, education, or music business — and develop foundational skills in that area
  • Further develop their skills as a singer or instrumentalist
  • Possess sufficient musical acumen to make creative contributions to musical performances and ensembles
  • Further their ability to work in, learn from, and teach groups composed of learners from diverse backgrounds and with multiple skill levels
  • Be able to connect musical knowledge with the learning occurring in the general education component of the undergraduate curriculum

Recent Internship Placements

  • ASK (After School at the Klein)
  • Bridgeport Boys Choir
  • Greater Bridgeport Symphony
  • Kennedy Center for Developmental Disabilities (Trumbull)
  • KEYS Program
  • Project LEARN
  • Rhythm & Flow Entertainment
  • Warner Music Group
  • YMCA
  • Walt Disney World College Program

Graduate Programs

MS Degree in Music

Employment Outlook

Graduates of UB’s music education program are performing and teaching in a wide variety of community music contexts, and currently teaching at school districts around the country, as well as throughout the state, including:

  • Bridgeport Public Schools
  • Catholic Schools, Diocese of Bridgeport
  • Easton Country Day School
  • Hamlin Robinson School, Seattle, WA
  • New Haven Public Schools
  • New London Public Schools
  • New York City Department of Education
  • Newtown Public Schools
  • Norwalk Public Schools
  • Region 12 Schools
  • Stamford Public Schools
  • Stratford Public Schools
  • West Hartford Public Schools
  • Weston Public Schools
  • Wilton Public Schools
  • Greenwich Public Schools

Graduates of UB’s Music Business, Music Performance, and Performing Arts have built successful careers in the performing arts, each as unique as they are. Alumni are performing professionally in a variety of genres, working in every aspect of the music and theatre fields.

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