Educational Administration Courses

Students may obtain their hybrid on-campus and online 092 certification through the 6th year program by completing the required courses below.


  • EDLD 601 Introduction to Education Leadership
  • EDLD 621 Evaluation of School Effectiveness

Curriculum/Program Monitoring

  • EDLD 651a Workshop in Curriculum Development

School Administration

  • EDLD 618 Public School Finance
  • EDLD 619 School Law

Personnel Evaluation/Supervision

  • EDLD 652 Supervision/ Evaluation of Personnel


  • EDLD 681a Administrative Internship

Special Services Administration

EDLD 664 Supervision of Programs and Services for Students with Exceptionalities (This course can be waived for individuals holding certification and currently working in Social Work, Psychology, Speech & Language Pathology or Special Education).

* Successful Completion of the Connecticut Administrative Test (CAT) STUDENTS ARE REQUIRED TO COMPLETE 30 Credit Hours for a 6th Year Certificate in Educational Administration and Supervision.

Education Leadership Electives:

  • EDLD 680a Urban Leadership
  • EDLD 613 Current Topics in Education Leadership
  • EDLD 614 Leadership & Management of School Facilities
  • EDLD 615 Research & Data Informed Supervision

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