Program Requirements

The following summarize the general requirements for successfully achieving the program requirements:

  • Successful completion of preliminary examinations and courses
  • Satisfactory performance in written comprehensive and oral examinations
  • Admission to Ph.D. candidacy
  • Successful completion and defense of original work documented as a dissertation
  • Satisfaction of additional requirements such as teaching and seminars

The formal degree offered is the “Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science and Engineering.” This will be awarded to candidates who complete all the requirements of the Ph.D. degree.

Concentration Areas

The following is a list of Research / Concentration Areas under the Ph.D. Program.

  1. Computer architecture and VLSI and FPGA
  2. Design, modeling, and simulation of embedded and integrated systems and device applications
  3. Electromechanical systems prototyping and optimization
  4. Robotics, automation, machine perception and sensing
  5. Software engineering, Web development, and computational sciences
  6. Systems and computer security and biometrics
  7. Mobile communication, cloud computing, Internet of Things and networking

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