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Research Centers


Applied Computational Fluid Dynamics Laboratory

The applied computational fluid dynamics (CFD) lab was established to use CFD as an analysis tool to understand the transport phenomena in industrial processes and as a design tool to optimize engineering components and system design. 


CNC Mini Milling Machine Laboratory

A Haas CNC mini milling machine in the Mechanical Engineering Lab at School of Engineering is currently being used to support the academic and engineering education in School of Engineering.

CNC Lab 

Digital/Biomedical Embedded Systems & Technology Laboratory

The Digital/Biomedical Embedded Systems & Technology (D-BEST) Laboratory integrates various biomedical signal processing research areas with digital/embedded systems design and implementation.


Nanomaterials & Nanobiomaterials Engineering Laboratory

Nano Lab 

Renewable Energy Research Laboratory

This lab is motivated from the strong need to prepare the next generation of inter-disciplinary engineers with a comprehensive background in sustainable energy. The experiments in this lab are designed to stimulate students’ interest in development and research.

Energy Lab 

Wireless & Mobile Communications Laboratory

The WMC Laboratory aims to advance the state-of-the-art in wireless, mobile, and communications technologies.

WMC Lab 

Cloud Computing Cluster Controls Laboratory

The Cloud Computing Cluster (CCC) develops and implements open-source technologies to support reliable scalable distributed computing in non-relational data environments for science and business.

CCC Lab 

Interdisciplinary Robotics, Intelligent Sensing, and Control Laboratory

The Interdisciplinary RISC lab was formed in 1995 by its founder and coordinator, Professor Tarek Sobh, in order to do research in a variety of Robotics related fields, and as a step towards the development of commercially applicable projects.


Multimedia Information Group Laboratory

MIG's research explores the technology and application of multimedia and information including video surveillance system, graph-based video database management system, and medical videos. 

MIG Lab 

PLC, Controls & IC Laboratory


Signal Processing Research Group

The Signal Processing Research Group (SPRG) Laboratory is located within the Department of Electrical Engineering at the University of Bridgeport. Areas of interest in SPRG span all aspects of speech, audio, bio, and astronomy signal processing and coding. 


Center for Sustainable Energy and Environment

The Center for Sustainable Energy and Environment serves as an interdisciplinary research facility conducting extensive research on energy and environment related issues. The mission of the center is to contribute to the body of knowledge in related areas while increasing awareness on greening activities.


Collaborative Biomedical Research Center

The Collaborative Biomedical Research Center (CBRC) serves the University’s growing research enterprise by implementing a research facility that fosters a shared culture of research collaboration.


Anthony & Louise Soares Institute for Neuroscience

The Anthony and Louise Soares Institute for Neuroscience is located in the School of Education. 

Soares Institute 

Health Sciences Collaborative Research Lab 

The Health Science Collaborative Research Lab, located on the second floor of Charles Dana Hall, provides a shared research space for Health Sciences faculty.

HSC Lab 

STEM on Wheels

The University of Bridgeport – Discovery Museum STEM on Wheels bus is a mobile laboratory, which offers hands-on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) experiences for area K-12 classrooms.


Research Centers and Forums

United Nations Research Forum

The UN Research Forum encourages research and course development in the area of UN Studies. Faculty, graduate students and participate each semester in briefings at the United Nations headquarters in New York. The Forum also provides regular updates of UN activities through its extensive UN News website.

See UN News 

Forum for Global Development and Peace

The forum is composed of scholars at the University of Bridgeport who lecture, conduct research, and write on topics related to development, conflict resolution, and human security. Participants in the Forum contribute to the Journal of Global Development and Peace as well as to other scholarly publications. 

GDP Forum